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Today’s World and the Impact on Young Adults

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War, disease, social unrest, and absolutely terrifying uncertainty of the future. Financial struggles, a sense of hopelessness, as if this is as bad as it has ever been. Every generation has faced these issues, whether it was your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, all the way to you now. But today’s young adults seem to have these plagues suffocating them constantly. The young adult of today (18-25 years old) has had many challenges that strike them in the face. Especially as they enter their journeys to self-discovery and beginning a life that is all their own. Therapy for young adults in Florida can help you work through these stressors.

COVID anxiety, trying to find work, isolation, endless promises of a third world war, the unending rise in the cost of living, and worst of all, being ill-equipped to face any of it and lacking the social skills to have formed a strong support system. Not to mention bearing the weight of having to solve every injustice in the world. It should not surprise you that this age group in America is at the highest risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Young adults aged 18-25 are overwhelmed and the generations to follow are not going to be any better off.

How can you navigate the mess of the world—and potentially the mess that is your own life—with all of the things hammering down on you vengefully, waiting for you to break? How can you find hope in such a hopeless barrage? 

Some of the most basic efforts you can make in navigating the chaos are to connect socially, build resilience, and decrease overall anxiety and stress so that the next thing isn’t as heavy. While these efforts can be very beneficial, utilizing online therapy in Florida is a great asset in your toolbox. Not only can therapy for young adults in Florida help the 18–25-year-old build these skills, but it provides a safe place for you to do so. It allows you a voice to expel all of the burdens weighing you down, where you are in a judgment-free space, with someone who is genuinely interested in only hearing your story.

Low Motivation

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It is hard, if not impossible, to find motivation in a situation you deem hopeless. But truthfully, there is a multitude of reasons you may have low motivation. The principle of which is lack of focus. As described above, young adults today have a million things to be focused on, from war, social justice, COVID, and what to do with their life. Your mind is too busy thinking about everything to ever think about anything. You cannot be motivated to find work you enjoy or explore your understanding of the world when there is “so much to do.” Try narrowing your focus to the things you have direct control of. In those things, what do you want to change? How can you change them? What would you like to be different?

Another reason you may lack motivation is that you only see the negatives in everything. True, there is no short supply of negativity, but only finding the negativity leaves you wondering, “What is the point?” And when you are blinded by bleakness, I suppose there is no point. But you can always find positives in situations, whether it is a learning opportunity or a way to build self-efficiency. Find things you enjoy, things you are good at, and even things that are challenging but rewarding. Put your focus into those ventures and be present in the moment you are able to find pleasure again. And in that, motivation. 

Let’s be honest about the next cause of low motivation. The effort.

To find success in anything is challenging, it takes a lot of work, time, and in some cases dedication. Our society is based on the principle of instant gratification and getting what you want NOW! So, when things are not instant or require a level of discomfort you are not used to, you lose interest. That is the good, bad, and ugly of our society. It is nice to order something from the couch and two hours later have it delivered to your doorstep. It is nice to be able to watch an entire season of your favorite show without waiting a whole week. But when it comes to building your future or reducing anxiety and stress, the good becomes bad, as these problems cannot be resolved so quickly. Focus on the process of change, the small things you notice that become different and more beneficial. Expect it to take time and find something to be appreciative of in each step along the path. There are a lot of rewards that come with completing any task you start, especially when it is for the betterment of yourself.

Young adults also tend to set unrealistic goals. You may expect a high-paying job right out of college without putting in the years.

You may expect instant success as a social media personality or content creator on Youtube, then realize that it takes years to build a following, leaving you crushed. Setting realistic expectations will help keep you motivated because you can focus on smaller goals over the course of a shorter time frame. As you reach the next goal, you feel more excited about the endeavor.

Social media can also be a destroyer of motivation. Not only does it distract you and take away focus, but not only does it causes you to be flooded with more negativity and despair, and it also leads you to compare your life to that of others. Social media, in terms of showing success, shows you the end result. It does not show you what the person had to do or go through to get their success. That part of the story is much less glamorous, and therefore, doesn’t get as many views or likes. Take a break from social media and spend that time setting small weekly and monthly goals you can do to get closer to your desired finish line. 

Lack of ConnectionFour young adults with arms around each other near sunset. If you need anxiety treatment, stress therapy, trauma therapy or life coaching, we can help. Learn more about therapy for young adults in Florida and coaching for women.

Connection is vital to the life of any human. Without it, you cannot survive. When you are isolated, you feel alone, empty, lack fulfillment, and lack purpose. You also lack resiliency when you are isolated or lack connection because you do not have social support. Connection is another thing from which social media strips you. It provides the illusion that you are connected with more people and it is easy to mistake followers for friends. The two are not synonymous. People need deep, meaningful, relationships to feel properly connected.

Again, break free from social media and take time to connect with other humans. Friends, family, those in your community, or people in a career field that interests you. Spend time talking and involving yourself with these people. You will build a sense of community, thereby building your resilience, and you will also find depth. When your relationships are surface level, your life feels surface. Deepen your relationships and life will feel much more fulfilling. 

The lack of deep meaningful connection is a major contributor to 18-25-year-olds suffering from increased loneliness and anxiety. Regardless of how tough or steeled, you are, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders is much harder alone than with a group of people there to help. Reconnecting with friends or family or even joining a community group involved in events or causes that interest you can go a long way in lessening the loneliness and anxiety. 

Living Arrangements

Those in the 18-25 age range typically fall into one of two categories; you either fear leaving your parents’ home or you face the shame of having to move back. There is a real struggle for young adults today when it comes to finances, whether in finding work or having work but not making enough money to afford the cost of living. The fear for the young adults not wanting to leave their parent’s homes is that there is a load of uncertainty. What if I fail? Or, what if I am uncomfortable? What if I have to make sacrifices? And, what if I can’t afford it? It is not uncommon for adults to live with their parents into their late twenties in today’s society because of this. You are battling with your sense of security.

On the other side, you may feel defeated or helpless if you have to move back in with your parents. Your sense of self, sense of resilience, and even a question of your ability. In both instances, these are natural emotions and concerns. There is no shame in feeling either of these if these are the situations in which you find yourself. The struggle is the low self-efficiency, self-reliance, and sense of lacking social support. The more self-assured you are, the more focused you are, and the more likely you are to overcome either of these situations. 

Working with an online therapist in therapy for young adults in Florida can help you establish a plan to move forward. They can also help you build the confidence to move forward and accomplish your goals. 

Lack of Social Skills

With the rise of social media came the downfall of social skills. There is no need for it. You can buy anything you need from a computer, work from home, and have interactions online, there is no need to maintain or build strong social skills. Social skills are a big factor in success, largely because strong social skills are linked to being able to process emotions in a healthy manner. If you are one of the 40% of young adults who finds themselves uncomfortable with small talk or speaking on the phone, you likely struggle with social skills. If you cancel plans or have a fear that you will be awkward in a situation, you likely struggle with social skills. In direct correlation, you might not have many strong connections to people, either. 

Take time to engage with the world in-person. Go to an event with a friend, talk on the phone, and spend quality time with other people. Working with a therapist can be very beneficial in accomplishing this. The act of therapy for young adults in Florida alone can help improve social skills as it requires a great deal of talking and engagement, which you can then use in other areas of your life.

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