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Stephanie Gray


Pronouns: She / Her

Helping women, parents, teens and children discover ways to mange whatever life throws at them.

Specialties: Children, Play therapy, Anxiety, Substance Misuse

(Ages 5+)

Let’s be honest… kids have meltdowns (and so do parents)

And it’s okay to feel stuck. I understand that it is not easy to ask for help and I will never pretend to be the expert on your child. You, the parent, are the expert and I hope to utilize you as such.

Children and teens tend to express their emotions differently than adults, which can make parenting feel even more difficult than it already does. This can be extremely isolating for both parents and children, which undoubtedly stresses the parent-child relationship. My goal is to promote family healing and connection.

Together, we will create an alliance to best meet the needs of your child and family.

A little bit about me…

In graduate school I was certain I would focus my counseling experience on working with children, teens and their families. In a way, I felt this would somehow make up for the much needed, yet lack thereof counseling I had growing up. I have always considered myself a child of divorce even though my parents didn’t officially separate until I was in my early 20s.

I understand the emotional turmoil of feeling stuck between two parents who love their child equally.

I’ve felt lost and struggled to find my true self as a teen.

And as an adult, I know how anxiety and depression can control your everyday functioning.

Through my experiences, counseling education and own therapy, I have been able to work through these challenges rooted in my childhood in order to discover and embrace my true self.

How I can help you…

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor, I aim to act more as a guide – helping individuals who are on a quest to find and love their true selves. While my counseling style is fundamentally person-centered and strengths-based, I believe in the importance of creativity, flexibility and eclecticism in order to appropriately attend to each individual’s needs.

More importantly (at least in my experience), I will challenge YOU to think differently in order to promote the change process towards your maximum potential.

What is the deal with play therapy?

As a Registered Play Therapist, I specialize in incorporating play therapy methods into my work with children, teens and yes, even adults. Some of us adults, and myself as I mentioned earlier, were not given the opportunity to face the difficulties from our childhood. The walls we’ve built up hoping would protect us can actually impede our ability to become our true self. By utilizing play therapy, I will guide you in reconnecting with and healing your inner child.

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