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Kyra Langston

Recovery Coach

Pronouns: She / Her

Providing adults and families the tools to live a life free of substance abuse through structure, treatment planning, encouragement, guidance and support.

Specialties: Substance addictions including drugs and alcohol, families of individuals with substance abuse, recovery goal setting and planning, 12 Step programs

(Adults and families with substance abuse 18 yrs+)

LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT? “Don’t give up before the miracle happens.” -A.A.

My own journey of recovery, from death to life

Struggling with my own alcohol and drug addiction, beginning at age 12 for over 20 years, has given me personal experience in countless recovery treatment centers, detox facilities, sober transitional housing and 12 Step programs.  During this struggle, my life became completely unmanagable.  I could not stop using and I had lost the will to live, along with losing everyone and everything I loved. I felt broken and hopeless and was buried in legal troubles. By the grace of God (Higher Power), I surrendered before it was too late. I knew I could either choose to recover or die at that moment. I was ready to try anything. I was then introduced to a spiritual counselor who guided and taught me along with sucessful inpatient treatment and a 12 Step program to maintain my now continuing long- term sobriety. During my days of substance misuse, life was a dark, dysfunctional and a painful battle. I bet if you are reading this you can relate. I now live a life of sobriety, peace, light, love and service to others. My relationships with loved ones have been reconciled. Imagine relationships you could restore in your recovery. Today, I live a fruitful and fufilling life, something I thought impossible during active addiction.

We do recover and so can you!

With that said, it does not mean life does not have its challenges, but with a solid foundation in my faith and recovery, I have been able to walk through many difficult times without picking up substances, including the deaths of loved ones, marital issues and substance abuse choices of other family members. I am able to protect myself and my recovery because I turn to my spirituality, support group and the recovery plan I have built. I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THERE IS HOPE & YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AND SOBRIETY TOO! You have to be willing to take the steps to get there, but it is so worth the reward. You deserve it and the ones you love deserve the best version of you. I promise you will not regret it.

How can I help you in your journey?

The key to maintaining a sucessful recovery program is spirituality, accountability, personal growth through counseling and step work, and support. Together, you and I will work as a team to…

  • Help you grow in your new identity in recovery
  • Help rid you of shame and guilt
  • Come up with methods to hold you accountable
  • Create a plan for you to tackle your recovery
  • Help you grow in your reliance on a Higher Power. I identify as a Christian, however I am open and respectful to help you grow in whatever your belief system is. We all have our unique journey.

My goal with our partnership is to get you living the joyful life you are intended to by offering you recovery-related resources and tools. Services are available for families as well as you walk through this together.

It’s never too late to seek help! You can do it!

I am excited to share my experience strength and hope with you!


AA with 1 year of upper level education in Psychology & Addiction

Trained & Certified Recovery Group Leader

Prior employment in Substance Abuse Inpatient Treatment Facility

Community Service Involvement for Various Recovery and Transitional Resources

5,000+ Hours invested in 12 Step Meetings and Sponsorship

Leadership in Family and Children Ministries


Individual Telehealth (Virtual) Session

$60 (30 minutes)

$75 (50 minutes)

Field Session (I travel locally to meet you in public location)

$75 (30 minutes)

$100 (50 minutes)


  • Individualized Recovery Plan
  • Recovery Resources and Tools
  • Goal Setting
  • Sobriety Accountability Measures
  • Supportive & Encouraging Discussions
  • Problem Solving

Family Telehealth Session (Virtual) Includes client and up to 2 family members

$80 (30 minutes)

$95 (50 minutes)


  • Support setting clear and healthy boundaries as a family
  • Recovery and Codependency related-resources and tools
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability Measures
  • Supportive & Encouraging Discussions

We understand that there are many events where alcohol or other triggers may be present such as weddings, parties and family gatherings. We work with existing clients to be proactive in planning for these situations. Individualized in-person support at the event can be arranged. Rates vary.

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