The benefits of online coaching for women

It can be challenging trying to navigate life, and today we are talking about these challenges, particularly for people who identify as a woman. You may have many full-time roles, mother, wife, employee, or boss- all that have their own breakdown of additional roles. All while navigating your own mental wellness, physical health, the wellness of your loved ones, and fighting for your seat at the table. Being a woman is hard as hell. While many women have friends to confide in, sometimes it can be hard to open up completely. There may be a fear that you will come across as too self-centered or as a complainer. You may get well-intentioned but unhelpful advice, such as, “You are so lucky.”

For women in Florida—and women all over the country—this is a constant battle. Therapy for women in can be helpful. But so can coaching for women. True You Always offers women’s coaching not just to the women of Florida, but we offer coaching for women nationwide. You may be wondering what the difference between therapy and life coaching is or whether women’s life coaching is right for you.  Well, let’s get into the differences and the benefits of women’s life coaching to help answer some of your questions.

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The two are similar in a lot of ways. They are based in a secure, confidential, and safe relationship where goals are established and worked towards. Both can address issues such as self-esteem, self-confidence, or defining purpose. And, both can be done in person or virtually, individually or in a group format. Both options allow you the opportunity to be authentically you.

But how are they different? First, therapists (though not always) focus more on mental illness where coaches do not. While coaching for women can be beneficial with situations like depression or anxiety, if you are suffering from PTSD or another traumatic disorder, therapy is the way to go. Therapy also (though not always) tends to focus on the past and present. Coaching for women is more future-oriented. While in coaching, you and your coach will define your future goals and what you can do now to achieve those goals. Therapy, in contrast, focuses more on past events that have created your present, and you address the past issues.


Online therapy in Florida is also covered by insurance in many situations where coaching is not. But this should not deter you from coaching. By paying for coaching yourself you are not limited to only a certain number of sessions within a specific time frame. In fact, you do not have to rely on insurance to pay, and you do not have to deal with your insurance company if they have a discrepancy. Additionally, in therapy, you are limited to working with a therapist within your own state. With coaching for women, you have the freedom to choose any coach in the country to work with, taking full control of your progress and your life. 

Another benefit of coaching is that it is not always as formal

This can increase comfort for some. Therapy is very structured and often held in an office or virtually. While coaching can be done in this way, because coaching is less formal—though confidentiality is still taken very seriously—you may meet with a coach in a park, at a coffee shop, or speak with them casually over the phone as you drive to work. Now that you know a little more about the differences between therapy and coaching, let’s discuss some of the best benefits women’s life coaching can offer.

Benefits of Coaching for Women and Life Coaching

Benefit # 1

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Coaching for women can provide a sense of clarity about your passion and purpose. One thing that can lead to depressive or anxious symptoms is a lack of purpose. You often get caught in the hustle and bustle of life that it can become unclear what your passions or purpose maybe, even worse, how you can pursue them. With active listening and well-structured questions, your women’s life coach can help you unearth many of these answers.

Benefit # 2

Creating solutions to unresolved issues is another issue women’s life coaching can aid in. With the non-judgemental and supportive relationship you and your life coach create, you will be able to find unique solutions to your problems. This is done by identifying the specific things standing between you and your desired outcome, realistic approaches to resolve them, and with a new perspective, your own outlook can change.

Benefit # 3

Women’s life coaching can also help you learn to be more present in your own life. As I mentioned, your life is likely a whirlwind. Between work, family, your own wellbeing, and the pressures of societal expectations it is easy to get lost. You miss out on many joys in life being stuck in all the mud. With life coaching, you can learn to slow down rather than living life on what seems like autopilot. With women’s life coaching, you will learn mindfulness techniques that will allow you to slow everything down and begin enjoying the smaller things in life. It will also help teach you to check in with yourself and identify how you are feeling at any given moment.

Benefit # 4

A more obvious benefit is the ability to set goals and achieve them. Whether your goals are based on the short-term or long-term, women’s coaching will help you identify your goals then you and your coach work collaboratively to make a plan. This is done by the coach because they ask questions to narrow down the specifics of your goals as well as ensure the goals and process are realistic for the time frame. Often time, you have a goal but set unrealistic expectations on yourself, then you quickly burn your own or lose hope. The coach will be there to help prevent this so that you never feel like your goals are a “lost cause”, but that they are completely achievable.

Benefit # 5

Increasing self-awareness is another excellent part of women’s life coaching. Not only is self-awareness vital in goal setting and knowing what is achievable and when, but it will also help you become more effective in other areas of your life. When you become more present in your life, you become more self-aware. You begin to realize how you feel in various moments of your life, but more importantly why you feel that way in that particular moment. When you feel anxious, you will be able to identify what is causing the anxiousness, what your driving forces are, weaknesses and strengths, as well as personal beliefs that contribute to that uneasiness. Once you are able to identify these factors, addressing and changing them becomes much easier.

Benefit # 6

Accountability is crucial for any sort of change you hope to make in your life. While your friends, colleagues, and family can be a source of accountability, a coach is a deeper level of accountability. The goal of your family and friends is to support you and help you feel safe. So, when you set a goal, if you become uncomfortable or begin to question yourself, they will often times allow you to quit. Not because they don’t care but because they don’t want to see you struggle.

A coach wants you to be safe, but they always want you to achieve your goals. Your women’s life coach will be able to recognize whether you are giving up on a goal because you are uncomfortable or because it is in fact not attainable right then. This accountability will not only help you achieve more of your goals but to achieve them quicker than you would have ever imagined. Having this accountability will also help you feel more confident in the goal, the process, and the plan of action you have set.

Benefit # 7

The duration of work is another area where women’s life coaching and therapy differ. While therapy may take years to achieve your desired outcome, life coaching can take between 8-16 sessions. It is possible to achieve the desired outcome quicker. In therapy, you will typically meet with your therapist once a week. In contrast, while meeting with your coach weekly is doable, your coach may recommend bi-weekly or even monthly. It will be based uniquely on your goals and how quickly you are able to incorporate changes into your life.

Benefit # 8

Lastly, women’s life coaching will provide you with a safe environment to reevaluate your personal beliefs, thoughts, and assumptions. Much of what stands between you and your goals is not an inability of accomplishing them or even a lack of knowledge. It is the belief that you cannot accomplish the goal, the belief you don’t deserve the goal, or the assumption that it will be too hard, take too long, or is somehow outside of your grasp.

Your life coach will help you identify which beliefs and assumptions are beneficial to you and your progress and which ones are hindering you. The truth is, many of your beliefs probably lead to you feeling stuck. By changing these self-limiting beliefs your goals will not only become attainable quicker, but your positive sense of self will also give you more confidence to take on your goals.

Is Coaching for Women Right for Me?Woman with arms outstretched and smiling. Let's learn about coaching for women. Do you know if you need therapy vs. life coaching? Learn more and see what is the best fit.

The answer is yes. We all need accountability and we all reach a point in our lives where we feel stuck. We all get so lost in the process of life that seeing the road to our goals becomes clouded. This can often feel like it is hopeless. Utilizing coaching for women from anywhere in the country is a great way to break free from that. And because working with a coach only takes a few months, it is a short-term commitment that will equip you with the tools to continue using throughout your life. The tools you will learn will also be suitable for other areas of your life as well. If you are ready to work with our online life coaches at True You Always, we are here to help! To get started follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact True You Always Counseling to learn how you can get started on women’s life coaching today.
  2. Learn about your life coaches
  3. Begin living in your purpose and understanding who you are!

Other Services We Offer

If women’s life coaching sounds great, but not what you are looking for, True You Always offers many other services that may suit you better. True You Always can help you work through PTSD, traumatic disorders, anxiety, depression, individual therapy, therapy for teens, first responders, work stress, family and couple’s therapy, therapy for spouses of first responders, therapy for substance use disorders, a family of individuals suffering substance use disorders, LGBTQIA+ therapy, BIPOC, and therapy for chronic illness. All of our therapy services are conveniently offered in Florida via virtual sessions. Online therapy in Florida is available to all Florida residents.