Woman pregnant on laptop. Are you feeling mom guilt or as if you are an overwhelmed mom? Then therapy for new moms in Florida can help. Learn more and begin online therapy when you're ready.

Online Therapy: How do you find the best therapist for You!

Every day more and more people seek the help of a therapist. Many begin this journey by asking friends and family if they know of a good therapist or counselor. Some might ask their primary care physician or another healthcare professional they…
mom and daughter looking at laptop. It may be time to talk with a registered play therapist if communication and connection are offer with your child. Learn more about play therapy in Florida and inquire about play therapy for ADHD today!

Common Questions We Get Asked About Online Play Therapy

Is Teletherapy a Safe Way to Conduct Play Therapy in Florida? Online therapy in Florida is not new to the field of mental health. However, since COVID and lockdowns, the use of teletherapy has gone up exponentially. Through numerous studies,…

Why Online Therapy in Florida is for Everyone

Going to your therapist’s office for a visit is becoming a thing of the past. Why leave the comfort of your own couch (or bed) to get the help that you need when you can engage in online therapy in Florida? You can probably even get away with…

How to Navigate Challenging Life Transitions

When we’re young, life transitions are often fun and exciting. We go from crawling to walking, and then walking to running. We start with training wheels but soon no longer need them. As we age, we move from elementary to high school and become…
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