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Check out the genuine, caring and talented online therapists and online life coaches that are here to help you start to feel better. We get it, life can be tough! We believe that everyone can benefit from a little help at points or throughout their life.

If you know who you want to work with, that’s great! If not, don’t worry. We know it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what therapist or life coach will be best for you. We’ll help you choose the right fit when you reach out.

Our Mission:

We create safe and loving spaces that promote self-discovery and freedom to embrace our true selves. Our authentic, tenacious and fun counseling, life coaching, training and community presentations; online, promote a less judgmental and more loving world.

We have professionals specializing in online therapy in California, online life coaching, individual counseling, family therapy, and marriage counseling/couples therapy. Our caring and authentic online therapists work across the lifespan to provide online counseling for children, teens, young adults and adults. We welcome all people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Our expert online therapists and online life coaches offer personalized care and collaborate with the you and any other professionals or people involved in your care as desired. Our team has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families live a life true to them finding true fulfillment in themselves and their relationships.

Meanwhile, at our main office is in the space coast of Florida, we provide online therapy throughout the state of Florida and Wisconsin. Our online life coaching services are available throughout the United States and the world through our online platform.

As online therapists, we know life can be hard! You don’t have to do this alone.

Whether you want to find peace from anxiety, climb your way out of depression, find balance with food from disordered eating, feel good in who you are or help your child or teen our expert online therapists and online life coaches are here to help. Life can really be challenging and different challenges may arise throughout the life span, know that regardless of the challenge you face- whether it be anxiety, depression, body image, parenting or relationship issues we can help you find the highly trained best fit online therapist or life coach for you.

First, know that finding the right therapist or life coach isn’t always easy. Often we have people tell us about their past negative experiences so we recognize the importance of a good fit and want to support you in finding the best therapist or life coach for you.

Lastly, know that we have expert therapists in many different areas, utilizing many different approaches such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, Play Therapy, Family Treatment and more. Each of our expert online therapists and life coaches offer different services and price points.

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To start your  journey, schedule your free phone consultation to determine if this is the right service for you by calling (321) 613-8685, or follow these simple steps:

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Services at True You Always

Get the support you need from an online therapist who can understand your situation. Mental health services True You Always provides include therapy for allergies and chronic illnesscouples therapyfamily therapytherapy for teenssupport for families with individuals dealing with eating disorderstherapy for adultssubstance use disordersPTSD treatment and trauma therapyjob-related stress, and therapy for first responders, and therapy for first responders. All of our services are offered via online therapy in Florida.

We also provide online life coaching which is available in the US or internationally. In our practice, we provide coaching for women working to develop authenticity in their lives and to develop more self-love. Together, we strive to be authentic and true to ourselves, and we encourage you to do the same. In therapy, what you see is what you get! Lastly, no matter who you are, we welcome you. Whatever background and identity you come from, we are here for you. We are also LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists and want to provide a safe and healthy space for you.  When you’re ready, begin online therapy with us!

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