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Brandi Arp

BA, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern / Wellness Operations Manager

Pronouns: She / Her

Empowering and guiding teens and adults on their growth and healing journey.

Specialties: Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, domestic violence

(Ages 13+)

Teen life is stressful! Teens deal with an enormous amount of pressure and chaos in their day-to-day lives. Having a “safe, neutral” person to help build tools to manage stress in healthy and effective ways is something that will stay with them forever!

Sometimes we all need a little help and support through tough times in our life. We may need help because we can’t remember a time we didn’t feel anxious or depressed. Then there are times we need help because of what experiences have happened that we had no control over! All these reasons are what I am here for! No matter where you are in your adult life YOU can work towards being and feeling better!

How do I know this………….?

I’m going to be transparent because I believe my personal healing journey has given me the ability to help others just as much as my education has.

I have survived….I worked hard and focused on my healing……I am now thriving in life! The great thing about that is, so can you!

I have had my share of trauma at the hands of another person and can say that many days I didn’t feel as if I could make it, get better, or do better. When I made the decision to fight back for my own mental health and well-being, I knew I was fighting to be a whole and better version of myself! With the right support, education, professionals, and determination I did it and now, I am proud to say I can provide that for you!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that helping through therapy is my absolute passion! Everyone deserves to feel whole and healed!

Educational Background and Experience

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Ashford University in 2012. I completed my master’s degree in Social Work, MSW, at Capella University in September of 2023.

Brandi Arp Stand Up SurvivorDuring the first year of my MSW, I worked my student internship with a non-profit organization for survivors and victims of domestic violence. There I provided one on one counseling services, advocating for domestic violence victims, and empowering them to thrive.

After completing my first internship, I have continued to volunteer with this organization to promote domestic violence awareness and education. When opportunities arise to volunteer with advocacy and awareness I support and participate in any form I am able. Additionally I have participated in public speaking for domestic violence awareness and education to groups of medical professionals with the Salvation Army’s Director of  the Women’s and Children’s Shelter.

If you are ready to heal, Let’s go!

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