Kaydianne Fletcher

Kaydianne Fletcher

LMHC, soon to be Qualified Supervisor

Pronouns: She / Her

I assist adults in creating the life that they deserve; one in which they can freely experience the joyous times and move beyond the hard times. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Specialties: healthcare providers, BIPOC, anxiety, depression, anger, mood swings, trauma, grief/loss, work/ life balance, and substance addiction.


Get to know Kaydianne

My primary approach to therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. I have also been trained in and have used trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy, positive psychology, and reality therapy.

A Little About Me: why therapy?

Being a therapist became my true calling after my senior year Psychology class when everything just clicked! I mean who can resist after watching the teacher line dance on his desk in full form. It was a spectacular sight. I began to understand even more about the importance of mental health as I grew. Looking back, I recognize that I faced serious difficulties trying to fit in and find my place as a young child immigrating to an area in the United States where my culture was not heavily represented and where I noticed inequalities in gender and race. As a young adult, I dealt with the reality of being in a toxic abusive relationship, which I told no one about until it took me down a dark and depressing path. I also lost important loved ones along the way. I wished that I had someone to guide me through it all. This further strengthened my passion to become a therapist because I knew what it felt like to face hardships that I did not know how to overcome. My personal experience combined with witnessing firsthand a family member’s ongoing battle with substance abuse and mental health problems gave me further insight into the personal struggles of others.

Professional Background

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Florida International University where I had the pleasure of determining my desire to specifically use talk therapy to help others solve their problems. I achieved my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and noticed my passion for working with an underprivileged population during my internship at a youth shelter. I have been practicing as a licensed mental health counselor for almost 7 years. My work in community health servicing an underprivileged population taught me a lot about trauma and how to treat it effectively. Working as a substance abuse counselor in a state funded treatment facility along with the personal experience mentioned above, led to a personal love for working with this population as well.

My primary approach to therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. I have also been trained in and have used trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy, positive psychology, and reality therapy.

I provide therapy for mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, anger, and mood swings. In my areas of specialty, I offer emotional and mental support for helping professionals, most specifically doctors, nurses, and mental health providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and substance abuse counselors). I teach ways to unwind the mind in order to prevent work from interfering with personal life. Identifying ways to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue is an essential area of focus. I place emphasis on healthy boundary-setting and effective communication in working and/or professional relationships as well as personal and/or familial relationships. I know what it is like to work in this field and just how overwhelming it can become when we do not practice strong self-care. Self-care is not overrated and others benefit more from us when we can practice what we preach. I also specialize in treating BIPOC in need of assistance with inequalities of the outside world, intergenerational trauma, and trauma within the family.

Expectations for Therapy: what will you get out of this…

Congratulations to you on taking the first and one of the most important steps in seeking a better life! You will no longer have to struggle or figure it all out on your own. I take pride in offering my clients a safe, judgement free, and relatable environment to discuss any of life’s struggles. As your therapist, I will offer you insight into connections between your past and current difficulties as well as resources for rewiring some of these connections and overcoming these difficulties. I openly assert that I love what I do and you will be able to see that in our work together.

Honesty is my policy and so I make it a point to compassionately deliver the truths that will be necessary for your growth in order to achieve the goals that you desire. I will be your number one cheerleader and coach, pushing you to go to the limits we both know that you are capable of going, when you are ready to do so. Therapy will be a journey that you and I will embark on together: a process that I am determined to see you through. Are you ready to embark on this journey with me?

~ Kaydianne

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