Top 5 Benefits Of Energy Healing

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Energy is all around us

Everything that we see, touch, smell, and interact with is energy. Nothing we have ever experienced is made up of anything other than energy. Sounds like the start of a philosophical rant, but I promise, it is not. You are energy, and it is important to know that. Your energy changes with each experience you have and with each interaction you enter. Think about the last time you were deeply sad, ferociously angry, or terrified. I bet when it was over, you felt absolutely drained. Imagine the amount of energy that experience took from you. Energy healing, or energy therapy, is a newer form of healing in the Western world. However, it has been around for centuries in the Eastern part of our globe.

A woman sits on a bench while looking pensively out at a sunny landscape. Learn how an online therapist in Brevard County, FL can help you feel restored and healed. Contact a trauma therapist in Florida to learn more about stress therapy in Florida today.

Therapy is wonderful for healing the mind and addressing emotional pain. But, it does not always unlock the spiritual part of yourself. If you are someone who bottles up your emotions and deals with chronic stress or anxiety, coupling energy therapy with traditional therapy may be the key to unlocking all of your pent-up emotional stress.

For someone who has experienced trauma doubling up energy healing and mental health through energy healing and therapy, you are able to focus the healing on your entire self. When experiencing trauma there are not just physical ramifications or mental. But the event itself along with the coping process drains your energy levels. The stress and anxiety, potentially even PTSD, which results from the traumatic event can wear your mind, body, and spirit down to nothing. 

Today we discuss the top 5 benefits of energy healing and different forms of energy healing

1) Develop Self Awareness:

I am willing to bet that on occasion you have the feeling you have very little control over your own life. There may be times you feel anxious or stressed but have no clue as to why. Energy healing coupled with traditional therapy can help you gain insight not only into regaining control of your life, but knowing exactly where these negative emotions and reactions come from. With energy therapy, you can learn to embrace your emotions rather than trying to suppress them, which is part of what leads to turmoil in the first place. Traditional therapy can then help you understand healthy manners in which to react and cope with these emotions.

2) Overcome Your Emotional Blocks:

Emotional blockages can stem from spiritual or emotional pain. Energy healing coupled with therapy allows you to take an objective and outside perspective on what you experience. If you find yourself caught in a moment of anxiety or stress, you are able to look at it as an outsider. This allows you to understand why you are experiencing the emotion, where it came from, and what needs to be different to change the feeling. In doing so, you can clear out all of the “noise” and take direct action toward change.

3) Manage Chronic Pain:

While energy therapy and traditional therapy will not cure ailments that lead to or cause chronic pain, they can help provide some comfort. Inflammation makes the pain worse. Stress and anxiety can cause flairs in illnesses that cause pain. Through energy healing and traditional therapy, you are able to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety which in turn reduces flairs because of reduced inflammation. It is also believed that by purging negative emotions through energy healing, you are also purging toxins from the body which can help with pain as well.

4) Find Peace in Life:

When you are in the midst of deep anxiety, depression, emotions you can’t place, or simply get caught up in the whirlwind of life, peace seems more like a fairy tale than a real thing. Peace seems unattainable and ever evasive no matter what you do. However, with energy healing coupled with therapy, you can finally catch the peace you are searching for. Not only can energy healing help reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, but many forms teach you to slow down.

Part of what makes peace and happiness so elusive is that you are running too fast to try and catch it. Because of this, you don’t realize you’ve run right by it. Slowing down allows you to take the time to enjoy and embrace the good things happening in your life right now, rather than constantly going after the next thing. Energy healing and therapy will also help teach you methods of self-care which is vital in finding peace. If you are never taking care of yourself or your needs, how can you ever find happiness?

5) Find Abundance in Life:

This one ties into #4. When you are caught up in the fast-paced and unrelenting speed of life, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and caught up in focusing on the “lack” in your life. When the mind, body, and spirit are all working harmoniously and the stress is decreased, you have time to slow down. This allows you to focus on all that you truly have, which is often more than we think.

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5 Types of Emotional Therapies

1) Reiki:

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It has also been called “palm healing.” It is a form of touch healing that realigns the energy in your body. The belief is that when you are in a state of emotional distress, your body’s energy levels are depleted. Thus, causing stress, anxiety, and so on. Through Reiki, the practitioner transfers some of their energy onto you. By doing so, they realign the energy so that your mind and body are better able to cope and therefore heal. Depending on the ailment you face, a session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Whether you are dealing with emotional pain or physical pain, Reiki can be a beneficial complement (not a replacement) to your current treatment.

2) Meditation:

Meditation has been used for centuries to slow and calm the mind. Meditation also allows you to look inward and find areas of angst in your life. It is an introspective practice that can be done in just about any form you feel comfortable with. It can be done with guided meditations, individually, in a group, with music, or in complete silence. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. The objective, like with most energy healing techniques, is to allow yourself to slow down and to be more in tune with yourself and your emotions.

3) Sound Bowls:

Sound Bowls is another practice that has been around for 5,000 years in Mesopotamia and for 2,000 years in India. It is essentially a specific form of meditation. It allows the listener to relax the mind and erase mental blockages, improve concentration, realize inner emotions which have been hidden, reduce mental and physical pain, and boost creativity. This practice is believed that all of this is achieved due to the sound waves (energy) which are pushed through the body when using a sound bowl. The sound waves, once entered into the body, will bring your energy, cells, and being back into harmony.

4) Massage:

Massages are something everybody longs for occasionally. When the muscles get tight and stiff and the anxiety is heightened, very little sounds as good as a relaxing massage. But what you may not know is why they are so beneficial. There are two main aspects that make massages perfect for energy healing. First, negative energy such as stress and anxiety often gets trapped in your muscles. For most people, specifically, the neck and shoulders. Couple that with sitting in a chair all day with little movement or stretching. The muscles are prone to tighten up, keeping all of that negative energy trapped in the body.

By getting a massage to release the tension in the muscles you are also allowing that negative energy to flow through and leave the body. Secondly, massaging the muscles and releasing the tension in them also allows the toxins which pile up in the muscles to be filtered and expelled. Without the compounding of the toxins, your body is able to heal more efficiently and overall feel better.

5) Chakra Healing:

A stack of pebbles resting against the open ocean. This symbolizes the balance and healing cultivated with the support of an online therapist in Brevard County, FL. Learn more about stress therapy in Florida by contacting a trauma therapist in Florida today. Anytime you look into human energy fields or energy healing, chakras are bound to come up. The chakras are the body’s main energy fields which line the body directly down the center from head to pelvis. There are seven chakras in the body and each one plays a pivotal role in your well-being. Chakra healing aims to balance each one. So that your emotional health and energetic health can aid in your physical health. If you add in traditional therapy for your mental health, you are off to a good start in achieving total wellness.

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