Alexis is a an online life coach and MSW at True You Always. She is passionate about offering coaching for women to develop self-love, authenticity, and to overcome chronic pain. If you're dealing with mast cell disease, fibromyalgia, or chronic migraines, then consider coaching for chronic pain in Florida, Texas, nationwide, and internationally.

Alexis Alza

MSW, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, Certified Life Coach

Pronouns: She / Her

Helping independent and resilient women choose self love FIRST in order to regain their balance and purpose for an untamed and free life.

Specialties: Therapy for anxiety/depression, disordered eating, life transitions, motherhood. Coaching for women and families with individuals struggling with disordered eating.

(Teens and Adults)

I’m about to be incredibly unfiltered and real with you – being a full time mother, caretaker, romantic partner, and career oriented individual can take its toll on you!

Do you find that you are often putting yourself last or that you rarely make time for self-care? Do you wonder why you struggle maintaining healthy boundaries? You may need to stop and consider the connection between lack of self-love and the ability to find balance and authenticity. Self-love and respect are always the first steps to creating balance and finding your purpose.

Having the responsibility of wearing many different hats is downright exhausting and can really impact your emotional well-being. Feeling the weight of having to keep up with all of life’s expectations, no matter the stage of life you are in, can lead to anxiety, depression, substance abuse and a general dulling of your enthusiasm for life.

Women in particular are expected to “have it all”, not to mention most of us (no matter our age) still deal with body image and our self esteem. Not only do we want to be perfect, we feel we must look perfect too. This is not realistic. Let me repeat: This is not realistic!!

Keeping up with perfectionism can lead to a rock bottom, or at the very least, not being true to yourself and never feeling good enough. Believe me when I tell you from a personal level, I identify with this all too well…

What I love about being with True You Always is that we have all dealt with anxiety in some way. We have all been there, which allows us to be empathetic to our clients. Empathy and intuitive understanding are what will allow me to help you to be your most authentic self. Loving yourself, being honest with yourself, and asking those tough questions that open the door for positive change will take you to a place of authenticity. This is where the magic can happen. You can enjoy life again and feel good! I want to empower you to do this.

A Little About Me

I do understand from a personal experience how anxiety and depression can negatively impact your life. Suffering from high functioning anxiety my entire life, I have always strived to be perfect, even as a child. Anxiety has been my best “friend”, my little buddy on my shoulder reminding me of everything that needs to be worried and obsessed about. So much so that I developed a chronic pain syndrome as a result of it. I have worked very hard to manage my anxiety and now I want to help you because I know it’s possible!

For most of my adult life, I floated from one job, career, or “role” (wife/mother/homemaker) to another. Each time I was sure this was “it”. This next thing would be the one that would make it all click. It would be what would make me feel complete, valued, and purposeful. Life with this new opportunity would be great at the beginning. But as the newness faded, the same fears of self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety would creep up again. I would find myself always putting others’ needs first, not setting boundaries, and would end up burnt out. I would question myself, feel defeated, and often give up. There came a point in my life where I had enough. Maybe this where you are in your story right now. I realized I had just been going around in a circle, instead of moving forward in the journey of life. Almost like being caught in a loop. Through a ton of self-reflection, therapy, and even being coached myself, I began to make the connection that the cause of my “stuckness” was a serious lack of self-love. Always putting others needs first and shoving down mine was the blocker to having all of the things I wanted in life. So, I started “saying forget this crap”, and began to do what was best for ME in every situation. I also took time for me each day, even if only 10 minutes. I let go of trying to control relationships that were not serving me. I said “no” more often. This is when I noticed it all started coming together and the balance and purpose I craved started to appear in my life. I now have the confidence, relationships, and career I have always dreamed of.

My Professional Background / How I Can Help You

My Master’s Degree in Clinically based Social Work (MSW) from the University of Central Florida and 6 years of work experience has given me the professional opportunity to provide Life Coaching and Emotional Support Mentoring to a diverse population of clients. In addition to my MSW, I am a Certified Life Coach and have a certificate in Solution Focused Coaching.

From a personal perspective, my last 10 years as a mother and wife have given me the empathetic and unique ability to understand how difficult it can be for women and mothers in our modern society. Drawing from my own life experiences, I have the ability to help women learn how to love and put themselves first. I will always strive to meet you where you are in your life, without judgment. We can work together to best assist you in figuring out how to balance all of life’s expected roles at the same time by being true to you first.

Coaching Style

The primary difference between myself as a life coach and a therapist is that I will be focusing on a present problem or specific situation that you as a client would like to resolve. We stay present-focused versus discussion of past situations in your life. But as an MSW (Master Social Work), I am completely empathetic to the knowledge that our past often impacts our present life, particularly how we were raised as children. This is true for every person on this earth. It is also true that sometimes we are unaware that our present actions/thought patterns/behaviors are a direct or indirect result of how we were raised or relationships and situations from our past. I can provide some emotional support and help you to recognize these patterns, but the key difference is it is my role to return my clients to their present situation and the goals they have set for themselves moving forward. My role is to empower my clients to solve their problems with myself as a guide. I work from a strengths perspective and will be solution-oriented.

My coaching style is based on empowering and pushing my clients to make those, oftentimes, difficult changes with a no-nonsense, yet compassionate approach. I also use an empathetic and intuitive supporting style by truly listening to my clients’ needs.

If my story, or anything I have said, resonates with you in any way, I invite you to reach out to me and we can begin the process of creating a plan of action to self-love, which will create the balance, purpose, and authenticity you deserve in your life. You are worthy of it all. Let’s adjust your crown girl!

I am so looking forward to helping you be your best self and be true to you!

~ Alexis

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