Common Questions We Get Asked About Online Play Therapy

mom and daughter looking at laptop. It may be time to talk with a registered play therapist if communication and connection are offer with your child. Learn more about play therapy in Florida and inquire about play therapy for ADHD today!

Is Teletherapy a Safe Way to Conduct Play Therapy in Florida?

Online therapy in Florida is not new to the field of mental health. However, since COVID and lockdowns, the use of teletherapy has gone up exponentially. Through numerous studies, telehealth has been shown to be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy. With online therapy, building rapport is the same, and success rates are nearly identical.

The Goals of Play Therapy

Mom on call with daughter. If you are struggling with your childs behavior and communication, talking with a registered play therapist may be a great next step. Online play therapy in Florida has helped many parented better connect. Learn more and try play therapy for ADHD today!

This is true for play therapy as well, but may even be more beneficial when it comes to play therapy. The goal of play therapy in Florida is to see how the child communicates. This is done through the use of open play and expression. But what better way to experience the child’s world than when they are in their own home. Steph, a registered play therapist in Florida, encourages children to have their favorite toys, fidgets, and comfort material—blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.—during their sessions. She will also have the child complete scavenger hunts so that she may better understand where the child’s safe space is. By doing this, she can help the child discover and practice self-soothing techniques and build coping skills. 

Comfort is Key for the Child in Play Therapy

By allowing the child to be in their own home there is a level of comfort already established for the child. This means that some children may open up faster. Allowing the child to use their own toys also means that the child is familiar with these toys and will know exactly how they want to interact with them. This is in part why comfort objects are encouraged. It provides the child with that sense of stability and well-being while engaging in therapy

Does the Family Have to be Involved in Play Therapy?

Absolutely! As in any situation involving kids, where the goal is to work through a problem, it is best when the whole family is a part of the process. This is particularly true for the parents or caregivers of the child. 

Not only does this allow you, as the parent, and the play therapist to discuss progress through therapy and treatment goals, but allows you the chance to discuss and learn more about parenting techniques. The play therapist will not only reinforce the skills that have been learned through play therapy and practice them with the child but also encourage you to do the same. Doing so collaboratively will strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Play therapy, while effective, has been shown to be optimal when parents are involved.

It is important for you to be active. You as the caregiver can see the progress and goal that change is occurring. By being active in play therapy you are able to build on the relationship with your child and strengthen your bond. Additionally, it allows you an opportunity to understand how your child best communicates through play as well as what they may be expressing through their play at home.

Parents may be resistant to the process for any number of reasons—perhaps feeling the registered play therapist is doing nothing but watch the child play—which often leads to early termination of treatment. When you’re active in the process you see first-hand how the process unfolds. It also provides you an opportunity to see adjustments the whole family can make to promote the most change. We encourage you to trust the process of play therapy in Florida. If you ever have any questions about the process communication is key!

Early Intervention is Always the Best

Child playing with colorful blocks on tower. It may be time to talk with a registered play therapist if communication and connection are offer with your child. Learn more about play therapy in Florida and inquire about play therapy for ADHD today!

Early intervention with a child can make a huge difference if you see they are struggling. When you address an issue and learn to effectively handle it early, the less likely the issue is to progress. Furthermore, your child will learn emotional regulation skills early on which they can use when challenges arise. Your child will know how to express themselves productively and feel secure in identifying and expressing their emotions. Early intervention will also help strengthen the connection of the family and the relationships within the family.

Begin Play Therapy in Florida for Children Today!

Ready to help yourself and your family? Allowing kids to express themselves and the process through difficult emotions is necessary to develop resilience and healing. Therapy can help your child communicate and overcome barriers they may be dealing with. Our online Florida therapy practice has registered play therapists who specialize in play therapy.

To start your play therapy journey, schedule your free phone consultation, or follow these simple steps:

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