Therapy for Children

Our online therapists in Florida are helping children find ways to manage big emotions along with life’s difficulties. Additionally, we assist parents in discovering methods to support your child and your relationship with them.

Life isn’t always easy for kids or parents.  There are many demands on children these days.  Each child has a unique personality and way of interacting that work best for them.  Unfortunately, kids do not come with instruction manuals but our child therapists are here to help you create one for yourself as the parent.

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Most parents who are looking to get their child counseling to start feeling confused and overwhelmed with where to start.  Finding a child therapist can be a daunting task meanwhile you are watching your child suffer and it is eating you up on the inside. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe your child is acting differently and you are concerned that they may need help.

Stuck in negativity and feeling tired of the constant struggle with your child, you may feel like life is exhausting.  Tantrums, big emotions, meltdowns, withdrawal from life are all so difficult to weed through with a child.  Our child therapists are here to help with therapy for children in Brevard County, FL!

Do You or Your Child Feel Worried, Angry, Sad?

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You struggle to help your child manage their emotions
  • Your child has changed since they went through some tough stuff and you think they need help to process it
  • You don’t know what to do because your child is saying they are a different gender
  • Your child seems sad or anxious and nothing you have tried has worked
  • You used to think your child was a picky eater but it has gotten really bad and they are losing weight or not growing as they should
  • Your child has been really sad and anxious even talking about death sometimes

If these sound true for you, we want you to know that it’s hard being a kid and a parent in today’s world. Even though you may feel like your child needs therapy for children means that somehow you have failed as a parent, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact that you are recognizing the needs of your child and reaching out for help speaks to what a great parent you are and how much you care about your child. Talking with a therapist for children can give you peace of mind for your child future.

Therapy for Children in Florida Can Help You See Your Child Grow and Thrive!

It’s possible for your child and you to feel better. Imagine a life where you could..

Therapy for children in Florida helps them rise above the challenges and move towards calm and happiness. And it helps parents work with their kids to create a supportive plan to help both the parents and child be successful.

When you start online therapy in Florida you will get the help you need for yourself and your child. You can start living a life of joy and creating the home you desire.

You may have tried other therapists with little success. Our child therapists are specially trained in things like Play therapy, experiential therapy, and art therapy. They have years of experience helping numerous families and children learn new techniques for managing life’s difficult situations and emotions. Therapy for children may be able to help your family.

We are True You Always and our child therapists have also trained parenting coaches who are here to help you help your child as well.

What is Play Therapy?

Online play therapy is a structured approach to working with children (and adults) in which the play therapist really works to apply the benefits of play. Play is the natural way children learn about themselves and the world.  In-play therapy the therapist is trained to use this to help the child understand new things about themselves and new ways of interacting in the world. The use of the interactions of play to help the child process through psychosocial difficulties form new patterns of interaction and growth.  Play therapy in Florida provides a safe psychological distance from the problems. Additionally, it allows a developmentally appropriate expression of thoughts and feelings.

Some of the benefits we have seen in the use of play therapy for children in Brevard County, FL are they:

  • Take more responsibility for behaviors.
  • Develop new and creative solutions to problems.
  • Learn respect and acceptance of self and others.
  • Begin to experience and express emotion in a healthy and respectful way.
  • Increase empathy and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Learn new social skills and relational skills with family.
  • Develop more confidence.
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Parent Coaching Explained

Parent coaching is when one or both parents (or any primary caregiver) meet with one of our child therapists. The goal is to support your goals related to parenting effectively with your child. As you probably know, every child is different and every child responds differently to parenting styles. Parent coaching can be helpful for any parent or caregiver. If you’re looking for support around navigating their child’s behaviors, mental health, or developmental needs we can help. During a parent coaching session, the parent coach provides psychoeducation on the child’s needs, diagnosis, and developmental stage. Additionally, they offer strategies and support while encouraging effective communication and coping skills. Our child therapists are trained to provide parent coaching in order to help empower. Together you will begin to create strategies for creating a peaceful home. Therefore, your relationship can grow between parent and child.

How Therapy for Children in Florida Works

Therapy for children in Brevard County, FL consists of 45-55 minute sessions. (Sometimes shorter depending on the child and the situation.) These sessions, help your child understand and express themselves in unique ways. Online therapy can also consist of parent coaching sessions in which you meet with the therapist. Here you will learn more about what the child therapist is working on with your child and create a plan that will help you to support your child in the most effective way possible. These parent coaching sessions can also help you work through your concerns for your child. In addition to listening, your child therapist will guide you and your child towards solutions. These interventions play an active role in engaging the child sometimes in ways other than even talking.

Group of children outside making heart with hands. Get support from a child therapist. Call now and begin therapy for children in Brevard County, FL. Our child therapists, and play therapists are ready to support you. Call now!

Here’s how it will work step-by-step:

  1. First, your child therapist will provide a safe, accepting space so that you and your child will feel comfortable sharing the challenges you are facing.
  2. Through hearing you and your child’s story, your child therapist will start to get a picture of what the challenges are.
  3. Next, your child therapist will start by helping you and your child with immediate concerns like managing difficult emotions and challenging life situations.
  4. You will also work together to discover what your and your child’s goals are in online therapy and in life.
  5. Keeping your unique goals in mind, you’ll figure out what’s needed to help you reach them.
  6. Over the course of the sessions, you and your child will start making progress towards the goals you have set and the peace in the home you desire.

Research shows that when children feel supported and are engaged in counseling it can positively change their relationships, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help them grow into successful and loving humans.

Meet our Expert Therapists

Kellie Mowrey


Specialties: Neuro-divergence, Discouragement, Anxiety, and Struggles with Self-esteem and Self-image

(Ages 5+)

Steph, a substance abuse counselor in Florida. Online therapy in Florida makes it much easier for you to get the help you need in counseling for substance abuse in Florida. Begin addictions counseling and begin moving forward.


Specialties: Children, Play therapy, Anxiety, Substance Misuse

(Ages 5+)

Let’s Get Started with Therapy for Children, Parent Coaching, and Play Therapy in Florida!

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Let’s make this happen for you and your child  Get back the kid you know and home you enjoy with your family.

Other Services at True You Always

Here at True You Always, we offer many services with a wide range of therapists who are here to walk alongside you no matter what you’re dealing with. Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting space for you to breathe and be your authentic self. Along with therapy for teens, we offer additional services at our Florida therapy practice. You may also be interested in therapy for first responderstherapy for work stressanxiety, and stress treatment, or PTSD Treatment and trauma therapy. Additionally, we offer couples therapyfamily therapyLGBTQIA+ therapytherapy for disordered eatingsupport for families with a loved one struggling with EDtherapy for adultssubstance use disorderstherapy for spouses of first respondersplay therapytherapy for allergies, and chronic illness. All services are offered via online therapy in Florida so you can get help from the comfort of your own space

Additionally, we are thrilled to offer a variety of services. We know therapy isn’t for everyone, which is why we have online life coaching which is available anywhere nationwide. If you’re looking to develop authenticity in your life in a way that promotes healing and growth or to develop more self-love, get in touch with our online life coach, Alexis.  Regardless of what brings you to our therapy practice, we hope you will find a therapist who can help you get in touch with your authentic self at a pace that makes sense for you.

*Please be advised that all providers are affirming therapists and life coaches. True You Always therapists do not engage in any conversion therapy believe the use of such therapy is unethical. We fully support all of our LGBTQI+ clients in an affirming and safe manner.

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