Online Clinical Supervision

Whether you’re a fully licensed therapist or a counselor/therapist in training, we need additional support from clinicians who are seasoned and experienced. By trying online supervision in Florida, you are able to learn from different theoretical perspectives and interventions.

Supervision offers a space for you to grow into the professional you want to be in order to support your clients and community. With the ease and assistance of online supervision, you can have more options in supervisors and specialists such as individuals who specialize in trauma, families, teens, young adults, substance abuse, and eating disorders. If this sounds interesting to you, you may be the right individual to continue under supervision with us, as you move toward licensure or become certified as a therapist in a new technique or modality.

Woman on laptop. If you’re looking for online clinical supervision in Florida, we can help. We offer social work supervision and counseling supervision for those in need. Call now and let us support your growth.

Reasons to Begin Online Supervision in Florida

With the ease of telehealth therapy, we now have a wide range of access to various services. Online supervision in Florida is just as impactful and effective as in-person supervision. Plus if you’re a busy professional, looking for a specific specialty, or need flexibility, we can accommodate this. So know that we offer supervision for counseling and social work supervision for those needing the right fit!

What we Can Support you In?

Some Theoretical Approaches of our Qualified Supervisors

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Informed/Skills
  • Person-Centered
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Strengths-based
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Family-Based Treatment for ED
  • And more!

Woman drinking coffee and on laptop. Finding the right clinical supervisor is a process. Online clinical supervision in Florida is meant to make this process easier. If you’re interested in trauma supervision or eating disorder supervision, contact us!

Online Supervision in Florida Can Help You Grow As A Professional

If you’re seeking a skilled supervisor who specializes in a variety of issues that are unique or less common in your area, online supervision for counseling and social work supervision is the answer. Getting the appropriate supervision will help you develop into the clinician you want to be for your clients. Therefore, if you need support and are looking for a specialist, this is for you.

True You Always Approach to Online Supervision in Florida

Whether you’re a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern or Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern you know how challenging finding the right supervisor is. Online supervision in Florida helps to reduce stress and struggle. We know you’re looking for effective, reliable, and quality supervision that will help you grow and develop. You can expect the top level of expertise from our supervisors. These individuals care for your development and want to ensure you have the best support. This means we will challenge you to grow, back up your clinician’s assertions, and you will have supervision that upholds ethics and client care above anything else. If you’re ready to get started with highly qualified supervision, we can help. We are based in Florida, our experienced clinical supervisors offer LMHC clinical supervision in Florida and LCSW clinical supervision throughout Florida, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

Black woman sitting on floor. Let’s work together via online clinical supervision in Florida. Our supervisors are eager to help you grow. Call now and see if you are a good fit for trauma supervision, eating disorder supervision, and more!

What to Expect from Supervision from Counseling and Social Work Supervision in Florida:

In order to make this official, you will need to fill out a supervision contract and know about what it takes to meet the state’s requirements. Meetings will be virtual, so if you have a particular interest in telehealth, this may be right for you. The frequency of the meetings will be 1 hour per week. Topics we may discuss include: transference/countertransference, tracking clients as you are in sessions, group collaboration, and the importance of consultation. Among other topics.

Cost per session:

  • $80 for Individuals
  • $30 for Groups

Meet our Online Clinical Supervision Experts

Amber Joyce, owner of True You Always smiling outside. Working with a substance abuse counselor can help you understand your mental health. Begin counseling for substance abuse in florida. If you're looking to get help for alcoholics, we can assist you too.


Specialties: Disordered eating, body image substance use, first responders

(Teens and adults)

Michele Manassah

Dr. Michelle

Specialties: young adults, college students, life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship issues, trauma

(Ages 18+)

Information for Practicum and Internship Students in Florida.

You may be wondering if our services are for you if you are not a registered clinical social work intern  or mental health counselor intern . YES! We are happy to support you as well as you gain experience toward becoming the professional you desire to be. We have extensive experience offering virtual placements for student internships and practicums.  Check out our therapist bios and see if you’re interested in working with our specialties and niches. If you have a particular interest in something, please reach out to this clinician directly or call True You Always for further information. We work hard to continue our professions and give back by working with students to supervise their practicums.

Begin Online Supervision in Florida Today!

Whether you are a practicum student or a clinician looking for additional support with new techniques or working with new populations, getting supervision or consultation is the perfect way to go. The challenge is finding the best fit for your needs. At True You Always, we hope to make that choice a bit easier for you. We have many clinicians who are very skilled in their field and would be glad to help you as you grow and move forward. If you would like to learn more about online supervision in Florida or Wisconsin, then read about our therapists in Florida, then reach out to get the process started. To begin follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact True You Always to Learn More About Supervision
  2. Learn about your potential supervisors and their skills
  3. Start receiving the support you need!

Looking for another type of support? See if our therapy versus life coaching services may be what you’re looking for.

Other Services Offered At True You Always Counseling

Here at True You Always, we offer many services with a wide range of therapists who are here to walk alongside you no matter what you’re dealing with. Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting space for you to breathe and be your authentic self. Along with therapy for teens, we offer additional services at our Florida therapy practice. You may also be interested in therapy for first responderstherapy for work stressanxiety, and stress treatment, or PTSD Treatment and trauma therapy. Additionally, we offer couples therapyfamily therapyLGBTQIA+ therapytherapy for disordered eatingsupport for families with a loved one struggling with EDtherapy for adultssubstance use disorderstherapy for spouses of first respondersplay therapytherapy for allergies, and chronic illness. All services are offered via online therapy in Florida so you can get help from the comfort of your own space

Additionally, we are thrilled to offer a variety of services. We know therapy isn’t for everyone, which is why we have online life coaching which is available anywhere nationwide. If you’re looking to develop authenticity in your life in a way that promotes healing and growth or to develop more self-love, get in touch with our online life coach, Alexis.  Regardless of what brings you to our therapy practice, we hope you will find a therapist who can help you get in touch with your authentic self at a pace that makes sense for you.

*Please be advised that all providers are affirming therapists and life coaches. True You Always therapists do not engage in any conversion therapy believe the use of such therapy is unethical. We fully support all of our LGBTQI+ clients in an affirming and safe manner

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