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Katy Oswald

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Pronouns: She / Her

Breaking the silence, and ending the stigmas of mental illness to reveal your freest self.

Specialties: Anxiety, depression, communication skills, addiction, eating disorders, life transitions, and emotional regulation skills.

(Ages 16+)

Here we go!

First and foremost, congratulations on taking some big steps towards change!

I can understand how hard those first few steps can be in reaching out for help. Life is hard, we never even asked to be born, and now we’re here having to deal with big, stressful, adult things without an instruction manual. Then, throw mental illness on top with shame, anxiety, and depression making us feel like we aren’t good enough, that we can’t do it all, and we can get easily irritated by ourselves and others. We can put on a good show and pretend everything’s ok for a little, until making it back to bed and retreating in isolation, acting out in self destructive ways, and mindlessly scrolling on our phones, watching seemingly “happy people” live life the way we wish we could. But now you’re fed up with this tired routine and it doesn’t matter how hard it might be, you’re willing to do those hard things to get some relief. Here’s the great news, you have already made a beginning and the hoop to jump through is wider than you think!

This is how I like to do things…

Let’s answer the question you may have already asked yourself, “why am I like this?” by exploring how people, relationships, events, social media, etc. have influenced your core beliefs, depleted your self esteem, and warped your thoughts. We can find new ways of thinking, living, coping, and communicating that actually work for your life so you can expose and transition into the version of yourself that you always knew was in there, deep down.

Using a “practice what I preach” philosophy, I am interested in building an alliance with you and working together to reveal realistic ways to effectively impact your life and be the you you’re destined to be. I won’t encourage you to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.

More about me and my journey…

I was a rebellious teen who (ironically enough) did not like going to therapy. I was scared to open up to anyone about what was really on my mind and found temporary relief through a variety of self-destructive coping skills, plummeting me further into depression. Out of desperation, a leap of faith, and hard internal work, little by little I adapted new ways of living and believing that made good things in life, joyful, and hard things in life, approachable and tolerable. It has brought me much happiness and purpose when I can use my messy past as a message of hope for others, and help them reach their full potential.

Professional Background

I have extensive work experience with substance abuse treatment in a variety of levels of care, including detox, rehabilitation, and outpatient care. Worked as a substance abuse counselor for women with children in transitional living that are working towards completing DCF case plans for reunification and independent living. I have experience working with people battling depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, and eating disorders. I have helped people who are trying to understand and regulate their emotions and improve communication skills.


Bachelors Degree in Social Work from University of Central Florida
Masters Degree in Social Work from University of Central Florida
Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Let’s make some changes!

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