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Donna DeRossett

MSW, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Pronouns: She / Her

Supporting teens and adults to thrive in becoming their true selves.

Specialties: Disordered Eating, Personality disorders, Anxiety, Self-harm and Crisis intervention.

(Ages 10+)

Living in today’s society brings challenges to everyone at one time or another, be it anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief, or trauma. We all need someone to talk to at one point in our lives, who can listen without judging, someone who has been in the same struggle and clawed their way out of anxiety, grief, or trauma. I have personally suffered anxiety and panic attacks starting late in my life and struggled to overcome them. I had more than my share of grief with the loss of loved ones.  I also have close family and friends who struggle with substance abuse. One of the reasons I switched careers late in my life was because of a family member not receiving the help he needed to overcome his addiction.

My passion is helping others be comfortable with who they are and not be defined by how others perceive them.  My goal is to help empower others to see they can overcome any obstacle in their life if they choose. Sometimes we struggle with not feeling like we belong or that we don’t fit in for who we are, and sometimes this will cause us anxiety, or we may turn to drugs or alcohol to help us feel that we belong. Just remember YOU do belong. I am here to help with life’s challenges.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Social work from Morehead University then completed my master’s in social work at Walden University. I have worked in school settings, community mental health agencies, career centers, and residential settings. I use Solution-focused, person-centered counseling approached as well as Cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to help clients reach their goals of a more balanced life through mental wellness.  I have specialized training in trauma, domestic violence, and crisis prevention intervention. I have worked with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief/loss, and other life transitions. I specialize in working with adults, adolescents, and families who have experienced physical and sexual abuse.

I believe in building a solid therapist-client rapport based on genuine acceptance while utilizing a compassionate interpersonal therapeutic approach. These are some of the key strategies for understanding each individual’s needs. I have found these approaches to be instrumental in helping individuals as well as families to achieve meaningful changes in their lives and relationships.

Let’s work together to make change happen!

I believe the purpose of counseling is to get to know self better. The better you know yourself, the better choices you can make for your life. I am easy to talk too, and down to earth. As a therapist, I create an environment that we can look at ourselves honestly and with compassion. This is where real and lasting change happens.

I can’t wait to work with you and help you live a life you love!


*Donna is not currently accepting new clients. 

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