Therapy for Young Adults in Florida

Let’s face it being an adult is hard! When we are younger, we imagine all the freedom and “choices” we will have. Often, we consider how fun this will be thinking about our future. However, it can easily come crashing down when we realize what “responsibilities” mean. We are suddenly independent and we do not have our caregivers holding our hands anymore.

Group of young adults online. If you’re looking support such as anxiety treatment, therapy for stress, trauma therapy, and more, therapy for young adults in Florida may be right for you!

Perhaps, you have never had that experience and life is just one uphill battle after another. The bottom line is with all the changes you are experiencing, bring with it stress, isolation, change, grief, and depression. However, when you are able to become accustomed to it it can bring joy, growth, hope, and new beginnings. There is a journey to get there.

Whether you’re adjusting to college stress, going into the workforce, struggling with body image, or are uncertain about life, therapy for young adults in Florida is a wonderful place to start!

Common Issues Young Adults Deal With

Young adults dread the question “ what are you doing with life”, for it brings an assumption you should have it all figured out and make a big impact. This can lead to stress and disappointment because you may feel like you should have all the answers.

Here are some common stressors young adults face:

Person holding colorful balloons against colorful background. Let’s see how you can grow in therapy for young adults in florida. Call now and begin LGBTQIA therapy, anxiety treatment, or eating disorder treatment, see how online therapy can help!

Therapy for Young Adults Can Help You When You Are Uncertain About Life

Whether you’re beginning or ending your education, becoming a professional, navigating relationships, or living on your own, you don’t have to go through it on your own. Often young adults feel alone during life transitions. It’s hard to make connections, date, end relationships, demand independence, and balance finances. Perhaps, for example, you’re getting married and beginning a family. There is so much on your plate as you develop and grow, while also trying to assert your independence from caregivers ( such as parents). This can leave you feeling lonely, sad, and anxious. Or, you may find you are ruminating constantly because you cannot get these expectations out of your head. The best next step is to talk about it in therapy for young adults. When you’re ready, our therapists are here to help through online therapy in Florida.

Coaching for Young Adults

Sometimes we are unsure what kind of support we need. Perhaps you have heard of life coaching as you have been searching for support. Life coaching is a great way to address the pros and cons of a decision and set goals. Coaching for young adults is for those who are seeking support from a non-clinical perspective. Here are some signs life coaching for young adults is a better fit for you:

  • You’re feeling stuck
  • Need support with goal setting for the future
  • Perhaps you’re unsure about your life’s purpose
  • You need support with boundaries and confidence
  • Career support is a huge need
  • You need more support and motivation
  • Or you’re overwhelmed and confused about the future.

If this sounds like you, online life coaching for young adults is right for you.

The True You Always Approach to Therapy for Young Adults in Florida!

Therapy is individualized to you and your needs. Our therapists may use techniques from DBT to help you be more aware of what you’re experiencing and to help you regulate your emotions. Or perhaps, we can use somatic experiencing to help you understand where in your body you’re experiencing your distress. Our team believes in an authentic and holistic approach to therapy for young adults in Florida. Our goal for you is to create a life worth living, feel connected to your true self, and experience a lightness in your body. You will learn from a therapist in Florida how to not take yourself too seriously while making choices that move you forward in life. Together we will find the joy and the challenges in what brings you to therapy.  Additionally, we will discover together how to know you’re ready to end therapy. For example, this could be when you have the skills to manage difficult situations and emotions with ease. Or, when you begin to use skills in a way that you see a marked change. If you’re ready for that freedom, let’s talk!

Therapy is for everyone!

Here at True You Always, we aspire to help you move forward with your health in order to live a meaningful life. Our practice is an LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and HAES safe space. All people are welcome, including YOU!

Want to learn more about the benefits of therapy for young adults? Check out our blog on being a young adult in times of uncertainty!

Black women smiling on beach. Let’s see how you can grow in therapy for young adults in florida. Call now and begin LGBTQIA therapy, anxiety treatment, or eating disorder treatment, see how online therapy can help!

Meet our expert therapists

Josette Lopez-Shipman


Specialties: Complex trauma, personality disorders, substance abuse and behavioral disorders

(Women and adolescents)

Katy Oswald


Specialties: Anxiety, depression, communication skills, addiction, eating disorders, life transitions, and emotional regulation skills.

(Ages 16+)

Michele Manassah

Dr. Michelle

Specialties: young adults, college students, life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship issues, trauma

(Ages 18+)

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Other Services Offered At True You Always Counseling

Here at True You Always, we offer many services with a wide range of therapists who are here to walk alongside you no matter what you’re dealing with. Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting space for you to breathe and be your authentic self. Along with therapy for teens, we offer additional services at our Florida therapy practice. You may also be interested in therapy for first responders, therapy for work stress, anxiety, and stress treatment, or PTSD Treatment and trauma therapy. Additionally, we offer couples therapy, family therapy, LGBTQIA+ therapy, therapy for disordered eating, support for families with a loved one struggling with ED, therapy for adults, substance use disorders, therapy for spouses of first responders, play therapy, therapy for allergies, and chronic illness. All services are offered via online therapy in Florida so you can get help from the comfort of your own space

Additionally, we are thrilled to offer a variety of services. We know therapy isn’t for everyone, which is why we have online life coaching which is available anywhere nationwide. If you’re looking to develop authenticity in your life in a way that promotes healing and growth or to develop more self-love, get in touch with our online life coach, Alexis.  Regardless of what brings you to our therapy practice, we hope you will find a therapist who can help you get in touch with your authentic self at a pace that makes sense for you.

*Please be advised that all providers are affirming therapists and life coaches. True You Always therapists do not engage in any conversion therapy believe the use of such therapy is unethical. We fully support all of our LGBTQI+ clients in an affirming and safe manner

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