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Counseling and Therapy Online in Florida

We realize that no two people are the same and as such, we tailor our online therapy in Florida to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have many compassionate and authentic online therapists who specialize in different areas to best provide the help needed. Whether you are struggling with feeling sad, lost, hopeless, having eating issues, having concerns over identity, anxiety, and everything in between, we will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust certain behaviors and thoughts to see things a different, healthier way.

Our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples, kids, teens, and families and we offer comprehensive expert services. Additionally, being a culturally and socially competent practice means that we offer safe spaces for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community.

Why Choose Online Therapy in Florida with True You Always?

Here is what you can expect from therapy in Florida. We as therapists aspire to help kids, teens, and adults in all stages of life, create the life they desire and truly reach their highest potential. What we hope you will gain from therapy is a safe space to go through the transformation and discovery process. Looking within isn’t always easy, but when you’re doing this with a trusted therapist in a space that warrants change, you will start to see the impact it has on your life. Counseling, while challenging, should also be fun, real, authentic, and non-judgmental. You should feel you can embrace yourself and honestly feel FREAKING AMAZING! Moving forward and knowing that the process is working means you’re making changes and addressing feelings that help you know who you are and what you need/want.

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Online therapy can provide education and teach skills
  • Therapy can help you be more resilient
  • Communication problems
  • There is Scientific evidence for treating mental illness and improving mood ( SFBT for example)
  • Stressful life events such as divorce, job loss, career transition, moves, loss of a family member
  • Supports you with Mental health issues including substance abuse
  • Helps you process traumatic events, psychoeducation for parents, couples, and children
  • Addresses academic and behavior problems
  • Setting goals, making future plans and solving problems

Treatment Modalities We Use in Online Therapy

It’s important to talk with your therapist about treatment planning in online therapy. It is a collaborative process and each approach services its own purpose. Here are some of the approaches our therapists use:

Who Will You Be Working With?

Alexis (Life Coach)

Specialties: Life Coaching services for adolescents and adults, individuals with chronic pain and illness, with an emphasis on women and mothers


Specialties: Disordered eating, body image, substance use, first responders


Specialties: Substance use, Trauma, life transitions, self-esteem, families of people with substance use issues


Specialties: Disordered Eating, Personality disorders, Anxiety, Self-harm, and Crisis intervention.


Specialties: Complex trauma, personality disorders, substance abuse and behavioral disorders


Specialties: Anxiety, depression, communication skills, addiction, eating disorders, life transitions, and emotional regulation skills


Specialties: healthcare providers, BIPOC, anxiety, depression, anger, mood swings, trauma, grief/loss, work/ life balance, and substance addiction.


Specialties: BIPOC, Motherhood, Self-esteem, Trauma, and Anxiety

Michelle R

Specialties: First Responders, Substance use, Job stress, Spouses of first responders

Dr. Michelle M

Specialties: Young adults, college students, life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship issues, trauma


Specialties: Complex Trauma, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Living with Food Allergies, Medical and Chronic Health Issues, Families and Couples


Specialties: Children, Play therapy, Anxiety, Substance use

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Ready to start feeling better? If you feel like you are going round in circles, repeating negative emotions, we are confident we can help! We are helping people discover ways to manage whatever life throws at them. We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation. When we talk, you can share what your struggles are we can explore how our therapists can support you. To start your counseling journey, schedule your free phone consultation or follow these simple steps:

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