Mental Health Therapy for Allergies and Chronic Illness

Hello and welcome! True You is excited to share that we now offer to counsel and consulting services for concerns and allergy management in Florida. There is a growing need for therapeutic services dedicated to those who are coping with the psycho-social impact of severe food allergies. We are pleased to be one of the first practices in Brevard County to begin providing therapy for allergies, chronic illness, and more.

As a chronic, yet “invisible” disability, food allergies present a unique challenge for many people of all ages. According to the CDC, more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology reveals that allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. With the significant physical and mental impacts allergies can have on an individual and their loved ones, it is important to have resources and support readily available. Our online therapy services in Florida provide support to our clients experiencing emotional adjustments to medical issues and chronic illness including food allergies and sensitivities, dietary limitations, eczema, asthma, Mast Cell, autoimmune, and other health conditions.

Mental Health Therapy for Allergies and Chronic Illness May Be For You If These Questions Resonate with You:

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  • Do you or a loved one experience allergic reactions and/or anaphylaxis?
  • Are you or a loved one feeling anxious and overwhelmed due to food allergies?
  • Does navigating grocery stores, restaurants, and social gatherings involving food cause you high levels of stress and anxiety?
  • Are you a caregiver to someone with allergies?
  • Or are you experiencing conflict with your partner over allergy management?
  • Are you exhausted from constant self-advocacy or advocating for your loved one’s needs and safety?
  • Do you get angry often because you feel like you must fight to get your point across in conversations regarding allergy safety?
  • Perhaps, you feel dismissed regarding your concerns related to living with allergies?
  • Are you experiencing feelings of grief and loss due to unexpected life modifications caused by your allergy management plan?
  • Do you feel isolated or avoid talking to others because you feel no one can truly understand what you going through?
  • Are you distancing yourself from others and struggling to maintain your relationships?
  • Maybe, you are mentally and physically exhausted and experiencing feelings of hopelessness?
  • Are you living in a state of heightened panic and fear?
  • Have you or a loved one experienced medical trauma or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder due to living with life-threatening allergies?

Our Therapists Understand Allergies are Complicated,
and Therapy For Food Allergies Helps!

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If any of these questions are resonating with you, then you are familiar with the struggles and challenges of living with allergies firsthand. Perhaps, you’re dealing with mental health and physical health issues together such as allergies and anxiety. We know It’s hard, it’s exhausting, it’s overwhelming and quite frankly…. Allergies Suck! However, therapy for allergies in Florida is a place for you to work through your struggles with a caring and understanding allergy-informed clinician.

“Food allergy is a chronic disease, but unique because you don’t suffer from the pain of it every day, but every time you eat, you may be afraid that something bad might happen,”
– Dr. Marcus Shaker, Pediatric Allergist

In Therapy, You Will Work with Someone Who Understands
Living with Allergies First Hand.

Sheree Hill is an allergy-informed clinician that uses her combined professional knowledge, skillset, and personal experiences to offer a specialized therapy for allergies and chronic illness approach to her clients.

“I developed allergies in early childhood and have lived with them my entire life. I have multiple food allergies, and as a result, I have experienced anaphylaxis several times. In addition to my own experiences, I am also a mother of two children that have multiple life-threatening food and environmental allergies. I get it! These feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, grief and loss can all be incredibly crippling.

Life can feel like it’s spinning out of control! I am grateful that I was able to successfully work through several challenges and learn better ways to cope and adjust to this unexpected way of life. It was not easy by any means, and my life will always be a work in progress, but I will tell you that it is possible to regain feelings of sanity and control. We can work together to re-establish a sense of calmness and safety in your life. I look forward to offering you guidance as you navigate your allergy journey. You are not alone!” -Sheree Hill

At True You Always, Our Approach to Food Allergy Therapy, Chronic Illness Counseling, and Mental Health Therapy for Allergies is Effective.

Skilled african american doctor working with mother and child to breath. Dealing with severe food allergies can be scary. Get help from an allergy informed-specialist today. Get help with allergy management and be more in control with therapy for chronic illness and therapy for allergies in Florida!

The diagnosis of a food allergy can be life-changing! It not only impacts the diagnosed individual but also those who love, support and live with that person. About 8 percent of children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with a food allergy, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition, allergic conditions are the most common health issues affecting children in the United States, as reported by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Sheree, an online therapist in Florida understands the complexities associated with allergies and anxiety in Florida as well as other feelings that family members and individuals with food allergies often experience. She meets with clients and their families to help them manage allergies and anxiety, identify gaps in food allergy knowledge, and develop coping strategies.

Sheree not only offers individual therapy but provides family therapy to focus on the challenges impacting the family unit (including the siblings if needed). Couples therapy is also available for the partners and spouses caring for individuals with allergies in an effort to assist with coping and communication skills as it relates to allergy management. Sheree’s goal is to help her clients find balance by working to improve their resilience and equipping them with tools that will assist them in managing daily life with allergies. Let’s get started today!

Meet our expert online therapists

Sheree, an online therapist and allergy specialist in Florida. If you need support with chronic illness, allergies and anxiety, we are here to help. Begin therapy for allergies and therapy for chronic illness in Brevard County, FL today!


Specialties: Complex Trauma, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Living with Food Allergies, Medical and
Chronic Health Issues, Teens/Tweens, Families and Couples

(Ages 10+)

Begin Therapy for Allergies or Therapy for Chronic Illness in Florida Today!

Allergies and chronic illnesses can be complicated to work through. Sometimes our support systems do not understand what we are dealing with. Whether it’s children, spouses, parents, or anyone in the family unit. It’s important to develop healthy coping mechanisms and strategies to walk through your experience. We are glad to provide this support for you and help communicate your needs with your support network. Our online Florida counseling practice has a skilled allergy therapist who specializes in food allergy therapy, chronic illness, and general therapy for allergies.

To start your counseling journey, schedule your free phone consultation to determine if this is the right service for you, or follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact True You Always
  2. Meet with our allergy-informed therapist
  3. Discover understanding and coping mechanisms with a skilled clinician today!

Other Counseling Services at True You Always

Therapy for allergies and therapy for chronic illness isn’t the only service we offer in our online Florida therapy practice. Other mental health services True You Always provides include anxiety treatment and stress therapycouples therapyfamily therapytherapy for teenstherapy for disordered eatingtherapy for adultssubstance use disordersPTSD treatment and trauma therapyjob-related stress, therapy for spouses for first responders, support for the family of individuals with ED, therapy for children, and therapy for first responders. All of our services are offered via online therapy in Florida.

We also provide online life coaching which is available in the US or internationally. Our coaching services are for women working to develop authenticity in their lives and to develop more self-love. Our services are authentic, real, and lead with heart. To put it clearly, what you see is what you get! Lastly, no matter who you are, we welcome you. No matter what background and identity you come from, we are here to support you. We are also LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists and would be thrilled to walk through your season of discovery with you!

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