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How can substance abuse counseling help with recovery?

Image of a road sign with arrows listing different roads related to substance abuse counseling in Florida. Substance abuse affects the whole family which is why we offer family therapy. Learn coping skills for stress related to substance abuse from a family therapist in Brevard County, FL. St Pete 33704 | Indiatlantic 32903

Addiction: A Family Disease

Nearly 24,000 people, just like you and I, sought substance abuse counseling in Florida in 2016. As well as another roughly 13,000 for opioid addiction. These siblings, parents, friends, and children recognized the situation they were in. They realized it had become bigger than what they could handle on their own and that they needed help. Their addiction had become far too much for them to bear and it was beginning to ruin their lives.

You may be in this same sinking boat and not know where to turn. When your family life, work-life, personal life, financial life, legal issues, or health are at stake, it can all begin to feel like a real shitstorm. Counseling for substance misuse may be the first step to calming the chaotic storm. Substance abuse counseling in Florida can lead you to many different destinations. All based on what goals you have for yourself and your recovery.

Image of a prescription pad with the word Disaster written on it. With the help of an online therapist addictions counseling is possible. Call today to start substance abuse counseling in Florida. St Pete 33704 | Indialantic 32903Substance Abuse Counseling Options

The first thing to know is that there are endless options when it comes to substance abuse counseling in Florida. The second thing to know is that what is best for you might not be the best option for someone else. There are treatment centers, anonymous groups, individual therapy, or couples and family therapy. One thing is certain, though, addiction is not an individual problem. Addiction does not just affect the person struggling with addiction. It affects many if not all of the people close to this individual.

Family Therapy, Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Your addiction is not something that only impacts you. The relationships with your family, spouse, children, friends, and co-workers are all jeopardized through the addiction. In parents, addiction can begin impacting a child as young as infants. Leading to developmental and cognitive issues, and in particular, attachment issues. Your relationship with a significant other can also become strained rather quickly. Marriage counseling and couples therapy for addiction can be a strong start to your recovery journey. The same goes for family therapy for addiction. They provide a safe and non-judgmental space for everyone to express the pain caused by the addiction. As well as create new sets of rules for living as a couple or family in recovery.

Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse Counseling in Florida

Individual therapy can also be very beneficial to help you move towards recovery. Addiction generally begins in some form of avoidance, masking of self, pain, and/or trauma. Much like couple’s or family therapy, individual therapy is a reassuring and judgment-free process that allows you to explore some of the things that led you to misuse a substance. Addiction does have a genetic component but generally, there is also trauma and/or pain that needs to be worked through with a trauma therapist or counselor. As you go through the counseling process, you can use this information to learn the role your drug of choice played in your life. From there you are able to learn new, healthier, and more effective ways of dealing with stress and expressing yourself. Which will help you break free from your addiction and step into recovery. 

Another important part of substance abuse counseling is that it offers a meaningful connection. Connection is a vital part of a successful recovery when breaking free from the grasp of your addiction. The more connected you feel, the less you need the substance to cope with life and the more purpose you find in your life. You may notice that when you become isolated, this is when your addiction becomes the most powerful. However, when you find strong meaningful connections, you may notice that the urge to use decreases. Now, that’s not to say connect with people and the substance abuse will completely subside. However, most professionals agree that for true recovery, you must reconnect with yourself and with those of importance in your life.

The Process of Substance Abuse Counseling

It’s important to recognize recovery looks different for each person. With the help of a therapist, you can identify what you want your recovery to look like for you. From there you can start working towards that goal. The recovery team may also look different for different people. Sometimes the recovery team may include a doctor to prescribe medication, support groups, sponsors, friends, family, and a therapist. Often times a recovery team looks like a combination of these.

Types of Therapies Used in Substance Abuse Counseling

Because everyone’s story is different, the process of counseling through your recovery will be equally different. As mentioned above, you may choose individual, couple’s, or family therapy. You may find that certain modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), or Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) work better for you than talk therapy. 

In case you are unfamiliar—and have not read our blog on EMDR therapy—EMDR is a treatment method designed for those who have a history of trauma. It was initially developed for individuals suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Since then it has been found to be helpful for those who struggle with addictions, eating disorders as well as other mental health concerns. EMDR not only helps treat the trauma but also helps reduce the compulsion to use and anxiety tied to the addiction. EMDR is also a shorter treatment plan, on average taking only 6-12 sessions.

Black and white image of a woman holding her hand out to a man. Substance abuse counseling in Florida is for more than just the person suffering from substance abuse. Addicitions counseling can also include marriage counseling and couples therapy. Call today to speak with a marriage counselor in Brevard County, FL. Windermere 34786 | Weston 33331Connection and Addiction

As briefly mentioned, the connection is one of the more important aspects of your recovery in substance abuse counseling. Not only to reconnect with loved ones, your therapist in Florida, and yourself, but also to connect with others in the recovery community. Most people report that this connection to other people in recovery provides a sense of security, support, community, improved self-image, and accountability. 

Meaningful connection is one of our most basic human needs! Strong connections promote several factors in you that will be crucial to a successful recovery. Factors such as emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. If you connect with others in the recovery community it also provides a collected sense of purpose which can help drive your recovery towards success. The sense of belonging that you gain while reconnecting—or finally connecting—can also be very rewarding as you reach new milestones in your recovery journey.

Reconnecting With Friends and Family

Oftentimes substance abuse significantly impacts relationships in a negative way, so let’s talk about the importance of mending the connections with your loved ones.  This is an important part of recovery because for however long the addiction has lasted, roles within the family or friendship circles have likely changed. The dynamic of each relationship changed over time as the addiction got worse. It is important to establish new, more functional, ways of living as a couple, a family, or friends.

Rebuilding Connections and Roles with Children

Another factor to consider in the recovery and reconnecting process is whether there were children involved. If so then there is more work to do to heal. The child(ren) may have felt the need to try to care for the parent or take on a caretaker role. If one parent is struggling with addiction and there is a partner who takes on more due to the addicted partner lacking, the child(ren) may also try to step in and help by taking on the role of a partner. The parent who was struggling with addiction must reclaim their parental role in the family and if there was a relationship then they must also take over their half of the partnership. This can often feel overwhelming and needs to happen over time with a lot of support.  

Learning Healthy Boundaries as parents

If it is a teenager or child needing substance abuse counseling, parents and the addicted individual must learn new healthy boundaries. The teenager will need structure and support to maintain their recovery.  Each relationship can be redefined and the dynamics can be altered to be more suitable to recovery rather than enabling “using” (substance use)  behavior, building the closeness of everyone and the support.

When you are outcasted from your community or your family, that isolation leads to an increased craving for the drug of choice. Not only the isolation but the shame and embarrassment that is often tied to substance abuse and the behaviors that generally do not align with the person’s values.  This only heightens that sense of hopelessness. Building secure connections with those around you is one of the most important steps to a successful recovery.

Online Therapy for Substance Abuse Counseling

So, assuming you have decided to take the next step in your recovery and sobriety journey, True You Always in Florida has options. We offer virtual coaching and online therapy in Florida. The benefit to this is that you can have your sessions from the convenience and comfort of your own home, car, or even closet!

Online therapy in Florida also offers less drive and wait time making it more convenient and accessible for your schedule. You don’t have to drive to your sessions or rush from work. Heck! We even have people that do sessions from their car or office on their lunch break! Another benefit of online therapy is that anyone in the state of Florida has access to True You Always online therapy. Additionally, we have online therapists able to provide online therapy to anyone in the state of Wisconsin and Missouri. Best yet, our virtual coaches can provide coaching to anyone anywhere!

In-Person Versus Online Therapy in Florida

Research suggests that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling. Some clients even report being more successful because of the comfort of being in their own homes. They benefit from not having the added stress of rushing from one place to the next. A recent review of eight different studies showed online therapy was just as effective in retention, satisfaction, therapeutic alliance, and overall addictions counseling as in-person therapy. When life is hectic, particularly the chaos that comes with addiction, any added stress or anxiety can feel overwhelming.

When doing online therapy there are some things that have to be considered. Your online therapist will do everything in their power to provide security and maintain confidentiality. However, they cannot control your location. So, be sure to go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. This includes ensuring it is a place where friends or family won’t overhear what is said in your sessions.

If you are looking for online substance abuse counseling in Florida, True You Always can assist you. Whether you are seeking individual counseling, couples therapy, family therapy, or specialized treatment we are here to help you.

Image of a man holding up a cut out of 4 figures strung together in front of a sunset. If you are searching for addictions counseling online therapy in Florida might be right for you. We offer therapy for adults in Brevard County, FL. Contact us today to start substance abuse counseling in Florida. Winter Park 32789 | Naples 34103Counseling for the Loved One’s

It is entirely possible that your addicted loved one is not ready to pursue substance abuse counseling. They may feel that they do not have a problem or if they do, that they have control over and can do it on their own. They may be resistant or hesitant to do couples, family, or even individual therapy. However, you may still want to talk about your struggles of living with your addiction. You need connection and support as well.

While living with your loved one’s addiction, you have likely experienced your own unique traumas, anxieties, and stresses. Especially if you have a history of addiction in your family or with yourself. Anxiety over a loved one’s addiction can come from many different sources. Such as trying to control their behaviors or trying to predict what will get the best results. Constantly walking on eggshells can be exhausting and have a drastic impact on your own well-being. Individual counseling is a safe way for you to process all of these emotions. It will also allow you to learn how you can set your own boundaries in the relationship to protect your mental, emotional, social, and spiritual self. Online therapy in Florida provides you with all of the same benefits as your addicted loved one.  

Building Connections as a Loved One

As with the individual struggling with addiction, building connections is a vital part of your healing as well. Similar to anonymous addiction groups there are many anonymous groups for friends and family of addicted individuals. Build a supportive foundation of connection even if your loved one is not prepared to face their addiction.

True You Always is here to walk beside you through your journey. Whether it is individually, as a couple, or as a family. This process can be with or without the loved one struggling with addiction and regardless of family support for the person struggling with addiction. With a therapist, you can discover whatever you need to find meaningful connections and purpose. As well as work through the traumas and other concerns that lead to the addiction or came from it. Your needs will be addressed in a safe and supportive environment. You do not, nor should you have to, walk this journey alone. Contact True You Always to learn more about how we can help you in your healing journey.

Start on the Road to Recovery with Substance Abuse Counseling

True You Always in Brevard County, FL, is ready to help you on your road to recovery. We have a group of understanding therapists who want to help you build a strong sober life. Substance abuse counseling can help you build the connections you need to be successful. Get started today so that you can break free from the struggles of substance abuse and rebuild quality connections in your life.

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Other Services Offered at True You Always Counseling

Here at True You Always in Florida, we offer many services with a wide range of therapists. We are here to walk alongside you no matter what you’re dealing with. Our goal is to provide a safe and accepting space for you to breathe and be your authentic self. You may be interested in work stress therapy, anxiety treatment or PTSD treatment and trauma therapy.

Additionally, we offer LGBTQIA+ therapy, eating disorder treatment, therapy for young adults, and therapy for first responders. For families, we offer therapy for spouses of first responders, family therapy, and couples therapyOur therapists recognize that it is not only adults who need the support of therapy. This is why we offer therapy for teens and tweens as well as play therapy. You can get help from all of these services in the comfort of your own space with online therapy in Florida.

Online Life Coaching Services

Additionally, we cannot wait to offer you a variety of coaching services. We know therapy isn’t for everyone, which is why we have online life coaching available anywhere nationwide or internationally. If you’re looking to develop authenticity in your life in a way that promotes healing and growth or to develop more self-love, get in touch with us. We can get you connected to the best life coach for you. Regardless of what brings you to our practice, we hope you will find a therapist or life coach. Our goal is for you to get in touch with your authentic self. Be Free, Be True, Be You.