Why Online Therapy in Florida is for Everyone

Going to your therapist’s office for a visit is becoming a thing of the past. Why leave the comfort of your own couch (or bed) to get the help that you need when you can engage in online therapy in Florida? You can probably even get away with wearing pajama pants and slippers without your therapist knowing (not that we’re judging you anyway). If you live in the great state of Florida, whether you’re in the panhandle or closer to the southern tip, online therapy is available to you! True You Always in Merritt Island helps Florida residents heal from their anxiety, trauma, substance use, chronic illness issues, work stress, and eating disorders via secure telehealth visits.

How Online Therapy Sessions are Different from In-Person Therapy

If online healthcare is new to you, you may be wondering how this whole telehealth thing works. For starters, you definitely don’t have to be a technology wiz to engage in online therapy in Brevard County, FL. All you have to do is set up an appointment with your online therapist and log into their telehealth platform. It’s just like a Skype or Facetime call; your online therapist will be able to hear and see you from your device. If you’ve ever done a video chat, you’re already a pro (no ring light necessary)! If not, your online therapist or their office’s support staff can help walk you through how to get started.

It’s understandable if you’re feeling skeptical about meeting and talking with your online therapist through a screen. Many people wonder if it’s possible to get the quality care and connection they deserve when doing online sessions. Fortunately, research shows that online therapy in Florida is just as effective as in-person therapy. For some people, being in the comfort of their own home even means they are more willing to open up about their experiences. As long as you have the privacy you need and want, telehealth sessions can be such a valuable method of mental health care. No matter what issues you’re looking to address in counseling, online therapy can help you on your path to healing.

Who Might Benefit Most from Online Therapy in Florida?

Women on computer smiling. If you're ready for support, online therapy in Florida is for you. Our online therapists in Florida are located all over the state. If you're ready to begin therapy and move forward, online therapy in Brevard County, FL is for you!

Online therapy in Florida from your home is a comfortable and convenient way to get professional support without having to sacrifice time out of your day by traveling to an office. Busy humans need counseling, too! Maybe you are a caretaker that isn’t able to leave your loved one at home alone, maybe your job is solely virtual, or maybe you just prefer to communicate via video chat. Telehealth therapy visits can be a saving grace in keeping your mental health care on a consistent schedule minus the commute. Avoiding road rage as much as possible these days definitely can’t hurt.

Online Therapy is helpful for parents

No matter what situation you’re in, online therapy may be a great fit for you. To all of our moms out there, juggling parenting and self-care is hard work. We know bringing your little one to a therapy session or trying to find childcare can be overwhelming (read: damn near impossible). With online therapy visits, you can schedule your appointment during the baby’s nap time so that you can focus on your healing. You might even be able to finish your coffee during your session before it gets lukewarm. It’s okay to take care of your mental health, and now it’s simpler than ever.

Telehealth is accessible

Maybe telehealthcare is more accessible for you because of health issues or transportation challenges. Your options for mental health treatment don’t have to be limited by factors. For example,  living in a rural area, not having access to a reliable vehicle, or having difficulty leaving the house for personal health reasons. We understand that leaving your home for an appointment can be a hindrance. If commuting to an office is what’s keeping you from starting or continuing therapy, virtual sessions are a great way to combat that. Online therapy can bridge the gap in care for people of all walks of life.

Cost of Online Therapy in Florida

If you are one of the many Florida residents that are uninsured or underinsured, that’s okay! Maybe you just prefer self-pay for privacy or financial reasons. Private pay therapy gives you the freedom to see a provider of your choice without worrying about coverage and claims. We all know how much headache insurance can be. With self-pay, you can find an in-state therapist that matches your needs without having to consider which insurances they accept. That way, you know your rate because it remains consistent (no surprise medical bills!) There’s no guesswork involved – no calls to your insurance provider or wondering what is covered in your plan. Self-pay online therapy in Florida helps people overcome the barriers they may have previously faced when seeking out counseling services.

Online Therapy is More Affordable!

Additionally, online therapy in Florida can be an even more affordable option than in-person visits due to the accessibility. No need to take time off of work to commute or spend money on transportation to an office. You can simply find a provider anywhere in the state that fits your availability and specializes in the issues you are looking to overcome. Cutting out the stressful, time-consuming parts of attending therapy makes it easier to hold yourself accountable for your treatment while also saving you time and money. Online therapy in Florida truly holds a level of convenience unmatched by in-person modalities of mental health treatment.

Finding a Therapist Who Offers Online Therapy in Florida

Woman on computer black cat near by. Ready for a change. Online therapy in Brevard County, FL is an accessible option. Our online therapists in Florida are excited to support you. Call now for online therapy in Florida, online life coaching too!

Looking for an online therapy provider can be challenging. You have a larger variety of options since you can broaden your search statewide. Looking for an online therapist that will be a good fit for you in terms of their specializations and expertise. Directories like Psychology Today and GoodTherapy can be really helpful in narrowing down the providers that match what you’re looking for. You can filter results by type of therapy, types of insurance accepted, and which mental health issues the provider specializes in. It’s almost like scrolling on a dating app, but without all the cheesy pick-up lines.

Most therapists even offer a consultation call, often free of charge. This gives you an opportunity to assess whether the therapist will be a good fit for your care, kind of like a first date. Therapeutic style, approach, and personality are instrumental to a good counseling experience. We promise it’s okay to shop around until you find someone that aligns with your values and goals.

Types of Online Therapy in Florida

So, we know that teletherapy is just as effective as in-person sessions. But can you find the kind of mental health treatment you need online, too? At True You Always, we are an exclusive telehealth practice that offers specialized, effective online therapy to Florida residents. Whether your anxiety goblin can’t be tamed, your trauma is taking over your everyday life, or your eating disorder or addiction has you feeling trapped, virtual counseling is a step in the direction of healing.

Anxiety Therapy

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly battling your racing thoughts throughout the day? Does that panicked feeling seem to hit at the wrong moment every time? If you’re ready to tackle your anxiety head-on, online anxiety treatment in Brevard County, Fl can certainly help. You can get in touch with one of our certified anxiety therapists to start feeling more like yourself and less like that chicken with no head that everyone is talking about.

Eating Disorder Treatment

The internal struggle between mind and body can be grueling. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, you know how exhausting it can be to do the simplest things. Finding a counselor that specializes in eating disorder treatment is even easier with online therapy. Additionally, if you have a loved one with an eating disorder, we can support you too! The path to recovery, food freedom, and self-love is only a few clicks away!

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance misuse recovery is not an easy mountain to climb. With the right support system, you are capable of regaining control of your life. Online substance abuse counseling is a valuable tool in breaking free from addiction’s grasp. You can get back to being the version of yourself you are longing for.

PTSD Treatment and Trauma Therapy

Trauma is undoubtedly a heavy load to carry. That haunting feeling may come and go, but healing is all about working through those hard feelings. If you’re ready to process your pain so that you can move forward in life, online therapy can help. You can talk to a trauma therapist in Florida to start feeling better now in PTSD treatment and trauma therapy!

Starting Online Therapy in Florida

Black man smiling on computer with dog near by. If you're looking for support, online therapy in Florida can help you with anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Our skilled online therapists in Florida are here to provide you with the support you need. Call now for online life coaching in Florida, Texas and beyond, too!Another benefit of online therapy is the convenience of setting up an appointment. Since everything is online, all you have to do is click a few buttons to schedule an intake and follow-up appointment. It truly is as easy as just taking the time to reach out. For all of our anxious peeps, there’s no need to calculate commute times or try and figure out the parking situation ahead of time. Just set up the appointment and log into your device. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is one of the rare times that it is as simple as it sounds. Our team of counselors at True You Always in Merritt Island is ready to support you in caring for yourself and your mental health, one virtual session at a time.


Let’s Get Started Today with Online Therapy in Florida!

Ready to support your mental health from a safe and secure area? Online therapy is for you. We can help you with a wide variety of services all from the safety of your own space. You will be working with one of our many skilled online therapists at the True You Always virtual therapy practice in Florida who are here to walk through whatever stage in life you’re dealing with at this moment. To get started with therapy, either schedule your free phone consultation to determine what service is right for you or follow these simple steps:

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  3. Begin finding hope and moving forward in life!

Other Counseling Services at True You Always

We are happy to offer online therapy services from anywhere in Florida to you. At our Florida therapy practice, you may be interested in therapy for first responderstherapy for spouses of first responders, therapy for work stressanxiety, and stress treatment, or PTSD Treatment and trauma therapy. Additionally, we offer couples therapyfamily therapytherapy for teenstherapy for disordered eatingtherapy for adultssubstance use disordersplay therapytherapy for families of individuals with ED, and therapy for allergies, and chronic illness.

We also provide online life coaching in Florida which is actually available anywhere nationwide (yes, even Texas!). Our goal with our coaching services is to help you develop authenticity in your life and to develop more self-love, Regardless of what brings you to our coaching and counseling practice, our goal is to provide a space for you to be your authentic self. With our therapist’s what you see is what you get. Therefore, we welcome people from all backgrounds and identities in our practice. Additionally, we are LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists and are honored to walk with you wherever you are in life. Join us soon in online therapy and receive the support you have been seeking.