EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (for obvious reasons most often referred to as EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy that is utilized in the treatment of traumatic memories. It was developed to help individuals work through their post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). It has been shown to benefit those who suffer PTSD from the military and other helping professionals, assaults and even addiction treatment.

What is EMDR Therapy in Florida?

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EMDR therapy generally lasts anywhere from 6-14 weeks, though some have reported marked improvement in as little as one session. The reason PTSD occurs in most individuals is that they are not able to properly process the traumatic event, which is understandable. This creates dysfunction in the individual’s life because the emotions, beliefs, and even physical sensations which occurred during the event are unresolved. Anything that resembles the event can be enough to trigger PTSD.


Unlike other forms of trauma therapy and PTSD treatment, EMDR does not rely on a lot of talking and processing of the trauma or the emotions tied to them. Rather, EMDR will allow you to explore your own physiological responses and essentially “re-train” your brain in how it responds to memories and emotions.

How is EMDR Therapy Different from Other Approaches?

While most trauma treatments focus on the emotions tied to the trauma, EMDR treatment takes a different approach. EMDR focuses on how the brain stores the traumatic event rather than the emotions tied to it. EMDR therapy in Florida can be a bit much for some clients, so it is important to discuss this with your trauma therapist before treatment begins as you will have to relive the event during the treatment process.

What is the EMDR Therapy Process Like?

When working with a client, the trauma therapist will pay close attention to the eye movement of the client as well as other stimulations. The EMDR therapist will find the most significant trauma to target as the therapist will then ask you to focus on certain aspects of that trauma. While doing so, the therapist will ask you to engage in a different task, such as tracking their pen with your eyes. You will go through eight distinct phases during the EMDR therapy treatment.

Phase 1

As with any therapy, you will begin with a history and treatment plan. With your therapist, you will collaborate to identify EMDR targets which range from traumatic memories to the current issues causing you distress. The treatment plan will depend largely on the amount of trauma you have in your life as well as the age at which PTSD began.

Phase 2

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The next, and very important stage, is the preparation stage. The therapist will ensure that you have healthy and safe ways to deal with the emotional stress that arises through reliving the traumas. The therapist may teach you techniques or connect you with groups in your community. The other important aspect of this stage is when the most trust between you and your therapist is built. Trust is important so that you feel relaxed, safe, and confident in the process.

Phases 3, 4, 5, and 6

The 3rd-6th phase of treatment is the assessment, desensitization, installation, and body scan phases, respectively. This is where the bulk of the treatment work is done. In these stages, you will identify vivid images tied to the traumatic memory, a negative belief it has created about yourself, and emotions of sensations through your body tied to them.

You will also identify positive beliefs. You will focus on the negative thoughts and feelings while at the same time engaging in a bilateral exercise (eye movement for example). Some therapists might use sounds or tapping. After the exercise is used, you will allow your mind to go completely blank and note what sensations or emotions you are experiencing. If you are in distress the therapist will work to relax you, if you have no reaction, the therapist will ask you to think of positive self-beliefs.

Phase 7

This is the closure phase.  In this phase, you will keep track of anything that arises related to the treatment or the trauma. If you experience distress, you will likely be asked to use the self-calming techniques that your therapist has taught you in Phase 2.

Phase 8

In the final stage, your progress will be examined. If you have multiple traumas, new treatment plans will be made for the next trauma to be treated. If all trauma has been resolved, then you will be well equipped to live a life without distress and the skills to combat it if it arises.

Is EMDR Therapy in Florida Right for me?

Now that you know a little bit of the basics and what to expect from EMDR therapy in Florida, you might be asking, “Is EMDR therapy right for me?” Perhaps you’re a nurse, EMT or other first responder who needs some assistance after all we’ve gone through in the world. Or, you’ve dealt with grief and loss, or another trauma recently. Many individuals seeking therapy in Brevard County and online therapy in Florida, in general, may find benefit from EMDR therapy treatment.

EMDR therapy was created to treat trauma and PTSD, however, it has also been shown to have success in many other areas:

So, if you suffer from any of these issues, EMDR therapy in Florida may be a viable treatment option for you. Another question to ask is, “Am I ready for EMDR therapy?” That is a good question! You can explore this with your EMDR trained therapist at True You Always. Remember, EMDR is a lot of work and the first question you should ask yourself is if you are able to handle the emotions that come with EMDR therapy.

How Do I Know If I Am Not Ready for EMDR?

If you are someone who often feels overwhelmed when in distress or tends to shut down, then you may not be ready for EMDR. However, a consultation with an EMDR therapist is the best way to answer this question. Even if you are not ready to dive into the treatment process, your therapist will be able to guide you through some preparations so that the EMDR therapy in Florida is successful.

Online EMDR Therapy is For Anyone in Florida.

Like all other treatment modalities since the rise of COVID-19, telehealth has become a staple in treatment. EMDR is no exception. If you are not in Brevard County, Florida, but would like to do EMDR, True You Always has online therapy options for anyone in Florida. Online therapy is another tool in your journey of healing from your trauma.

Additionally, online therapy in Florida can also be a benefit to those who lack reliable transportation. Those who are physically unable to attend in-person sessions. Or, feel more comfortable in their own space. Online therapy in Florida is as easy as scheduling your appointment with your therapist and then logging onto their secure platform.

Many individuals, as well as therapists, report that online EMDR therapy is just as effective as in-person EMDR therapy. Online EMDR therapy in Florida also takes away the hassle of insurance coverage. Thus, this allows the cost of treatment is always consistent. It is also more affordable overall, and you do not have to be stressed out. So if leaving work, driving to your session, or the hassle of traffic is stressful. Then, this is a great option.

Ready to See if Online EMDR Therapy in Florida May Help You!

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EMDR therapy should be a comfortable and safe process. Online EMDR therapy in Florida makes it a little more comfortable and a little safer since you are in your own space. You are already somewhere you find comfort rather than in a stranger’s office. You can contact True You Always Counseling to learn more about how online therapy might be a good fit for you. Our online EMDR therapists would be honored to help you work through depression, anxiety, trauma, and more!

Other Counseling Services Provided by True You Always

Perhaps EMDR is not for you, or you have other issues that you would like to address before diving into the trauma, True You Always has a wide range of services to help you live your best and most fulfilling life. Anyone in Florida can access therapy for first responders, therapy for spouses of first responders, therapy to deal with work stress, anxiety treatment, stress treatment, or PTSD treatment and trauma therapy. True You Always also provides couples therapy, family therapy, teen therapy, eating disorders, therapy for adults, substance use disorders, play therapy, and even therapy for allergies and chronic illness. You may recognize some of these as focuses in EMDR therapy. However, you can choose the treatment that is best for you!

True You Always also provides online life coaching in Florida which is accessible to anyone in the United States. With life coaching, you will develop true authenticity and create more self-love. In both counseling and life coaching the goal is for you to have a safe, loving, and judgment-free space to be your authentic self. So, no matter what you are struggling with, there is hope. Whether it is online therapy in Florida or life coaching nationwide, True You can walk with you on your journey.