Unsure about Substance Abuse Counseling? Here is Why it Helps?

Are you or a loved one shackled by the painful grasp of addiction? Substance abuse is undoubtedly a challenging battle to overcome. As cliche as it may sound, addiction genuinely does feel like a dark cloud constantly looming over your head. Maybe you started using drugs at a low point to cope with grief, loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, or self-esteem issues. Maybe addiction is deeply rooted in your family or social network and it felt impossible to break the cycle or resist the temptation to use. Substance use often masks itself as an escape from the real world.

Often, it can feel like the only thing to turn to when you’re in pain. Whether you’ve hit rock bottom or you’re ready to tackle your substance abuse before it spirals completely out of control, counseling for substance abuse can help you regain your identity, your freedom, and your life. Break free from the stigma and get support for substance abuse soon!

What is Substance Abuse and Where Does it Come From?

Man sitting on stone near needles and pills. Overcoming an addiction isn't easy. However, getting support for substance abuse in Brevard County, FL can help you. Reach out and begin substance abuse counseling in Florida!

Substance abuse, or substance misuse, is the term used to describe the persistent use of a substance that causes significant physical health problems or mental/emotional distress. Substances can include illicit drugs and/or the inappropriate use of legal substances, such as alcohol, prescription medications, or tobacco. The presence of a dependence on drugs or alcohol is what truly defines substance misuse as a mental health condition that needs support for substance abuse in Brevard County, FL.

The cause of substance use disorders can sometimes be tricky to pinpoint. While it is true that a family history of addiction can increase your vulnerability to substance use, that isn’t always the case. There are external factors, such as social pressure and availability of substances, that can also impact the probability of developing a drug or alcohol dependence.

Signs & Symptoms You May Need Support for Substance Abuse

Whether you’re trying to recognize substance use in yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know what to look out for. The signs and symptoms can differ from person to person and may depend on which drug is being used, but here are a few identifying features of addiction and/or substance use disorders:

  • Feel like you have to use the drug regularly (daily or even several times a day) to function
  • Intense cravings for the substance that override other thoughts or feelings
  • Needing to increase the dosage of the substance to achieve the same effect
  • Take precautions to make sure that you always have a supply of the drug
  • Spending money on the substance, even if it means skipping out on other financial responsibilities
  • Not upholding important obligations or commitments like work or parenting
  • Experiencing difficulty connecting or socializing with others, even if you are generally outgoing or extroverted
  • Doing things that would’ve previously been out of character just to obtain the drug, such as stealing or selling your possessions
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviors such as driving when you’re under the influence
  • Going through withdrawal symptoms if/when you do try to stop taking the drug

It’s Important to Acknowledge Your Emotions, Along With Physical Sensations from Recovery

On a more emotional level, It might feel like the life you knew is slipping through your fingers with every passing day. Substance misuse makes you feel like drugs or alcohol have to come before your obligations, your morality, your sense of self, and your relationships. Addiction is consuming, and no matter how often you think about walking away, it can be difficult to imagine life without the thing you’ve become so dependent on to survive. Drugs and alcohol can isolate you from the joy and love you used to know while also feeling like the only thing that’s keeping you afloat. That’s why addiction is often described as a slippery slope – it seems simple to walk away from but it tends to have a tight grasp on all aspects of your life.

When Is It Time To Get Support for Substance Abuse in Brevard County, or Online in Florida?Man holding hand out to wine glass to say no. Let's overcome this together. Get support for substance abuse in Brevard County, FL. Our online therapists can help you with the anxiety, work stress, depression, trauma, and more. Begin substance abuse counseling in Florida.

We’ve all heard it before – admitting you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step. But what the hell are you supposed to do after you realize you’re in the deep trenches of addiction? Quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can cause anxiety, withdrawals, and dangerous health effects. Seeking support for substance abuse is the best option for freeing yourself from the shackles that substance abuse has placed on you. You can ease into the coping skills and tools you’ll need to return to your true self.

But how do you know when you’re ready to start the addiction treatment process?

Maybe you’ve disappointed your loved ones one too many times. Perhaps you were fired from your job or behind on your bills. Or maybe you’re just otherwise tired of drugs being your reason for losing everything you once cared about. Coming to the realization that you’re ready to put in the work to fight your demons and get sober is a massive win. With the support of an online therapist in Florida, you can take the steps to prioritize yourself and your sobriety moving forward.

Is Substance Abuse Counseling a Safe Space for Me?

We know that starting online counseling for substance abuse can be a really terrifying step. It’s okay if your mind is racing with anxiety about how you’ll admit that you have a problem or deal with the inevitable withdrawals. Perhaps you’re fearful of the legal consequences. However, it’s important to understand that client confidentiality and privacy in substance abuse treatment are necessary. It is our ethical and legal responsibility. In other words, you won’t get in trouble with your online therapist in Florida for any illicit actions related to using drugs that you may disclose in session. Being scared or apprehensive doesn’t have to stop you from getting the help you need and deserve. Our licensed counselors are here to support you. We can help you make the changes necessary to turn your life around and feel whole again.

How Does Therapy for Substance Abuse Work?

Therapy can be an integral part of your recovery. Whether you’ve seen a counselor in the past or this is your first time seeking help. Support for substance abuse can also serve as a supplement to other forms of recovery, such as self-help groups, support groups, or 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. It may also be a stepping stone after receiving more intensive treatment such as inpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient substance abuse counseling aims to guide you in becoming the best version of yourself through making changes big and small. Some of the specific ways that you and your online therapist can work towards achieving and maintaining sobriety through online substance abuse treatment include:

What Does Overcoming An Addiction or Substance Abuse Problem Really Mean for Me?

Overcoming addiction is all about creating short-term goals that you can work towards achieving. Celebrating small victories and milestones is an important part of getting sober and staying sober. Achieving sobriety and ensuring that you are taking care of your physical health matters. Once this happens, you can begin the process of healing the deeper levels of yourself. It’s important to explore the scope and cause of your substance use with your counselor. You and your therapist can discuss how you will continue to evolve your coping strategies. Especially, as your relationship with sobriety changes over time. As your path to mental wellness continues:

  • You can work on making amends
  • Accepting fault
  • Repair relationships with those impacted by the decisions and behaviors you exhibited while using.

Starting Substance Abuse CounselingPicture of shoes with arrows pointing toward health or addiction. Making the choice to change is a process. Let our online therapists make it a bit more manageable. Get support for substance abuse in Brevard County, FL today. Begin counseling for substance abuse in Florida today!

Getting support for Substance abuse in Florida has a bad rep. However, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for needing support. Counseling for substance abuse isn’t here to shame you. If you need help, our online therapists are here to be a helping hand for you. If you’re ready to take that next step with True You Always in Brevard County, FL, our team of expert therapists is here to support you in overcoming your addiction and maintaining your sobriety through online therapy sessions. Get started today so that you can break free from the darkness of addiction and see the light within yourself.

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We also provide online life coaching which is available anywhere nationwide. Our online coaching services are here to provide you with the framework to develop authenticity in your life and to develop more self-love. Our therapy services are provided in an environment that encourages authenticity. Additionally, we welcome people from all backgrounds and identities in our practice. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists and are honored to walk with you wherever you are in life. Get in touch with us today to get started!