A Glance at the Untamed & Free Online Life Coaching Program

My Journey to Online Life Coaching:

I became a Certified Life Coach because I absolutely know what it feels like to suffer from anxiety, have serious mom guilt, feel overwhelmed, and be unable to set healthy boundaries.

For most of my adult life, I floated from one job, career, or “role” (wife/mother/homemaker/career) to another. Each time I was sure this was “it”. This next thing would be the one that would make it all click. It would be what would make me feel complete, valued, and purposeful. Life in this new opportunity would be good at the beginning. But as the newness faded, the same fears of self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety would creep up again. I would find myself always putting others first, not setting clear boundaries, and would end up burnt out. I would question myself, feel defeated, and often give up. Anxiety and my need for perfectionism were in complete overdrive. I had also developed a strong need for control. This stemmed from many childhood traumas that I had not yet faced head-on.

Life began to change

Upon my 30th birthday, I seemingly had the entire world ahead of me. An upcoming job overseas, my education, great friends, good health, and a brand new boyfriend to boot, whom I had decided was the “one”. Again, things in this new relationship were great at first, but my need to be in control and have it all figured out quickly took over. I had a plan for our lives, and I set it in motion. Moving in together, engagement, marriage, house, kids. I planned it all and got everything I wanted. Within 3 years of meeting, we were married, purchased a home, and were expecting our first child. From the outside looking in, it all looked perfect. Unfortunately, I gave no room for my husband to court me, to be involved in my “plan”, or to ever take the lead in our relationship. I was doing EVERYTHING in the relationship, but it hadn’t registered with me that I was in part responsible for this. Meanwhile, I spent most of my time feeling hurt, rejected, and burnt out. I was over-functioning.

This led to stress and burnout

About 3 years after the birth of our second child, I was knee-deep in motherhood and a devoted homemaker. I was still stressed and felt unloved by my husband, but I was a dedicated and happy mom. Unfortunately, my husband’s career created a lot of fluidity in our lives. He’s not in the military, but his industry is similar to that of military life. You must go where the job takes you. We lived in 3 states and 5 cities within 4 years, starting when my children were 5 and 3. Our final move in 2019 was almost more than I could bear. New state, 3rd elementary school for my daughter, leaving friendships. Never being able to pick my career again. I was angry, bitter, and resentful.

At this point, the depression overtook the anger. I was spiraling and was having a hard time in this new city. It was obvious enough that my husband was noticing and begging me to seek online therapy again. I refused and told him I was fine, but I wasn’t. And then some acute stressors hit on top of the depression. At this point, with years of high functioning anxiety, control, and depression, my body literally collapsed with pain. I was having intense pelvic pain with no obvious underlying physical reason. Plus, I developed a chronic pain syndrome born out of my own stress.

I decided that I had enough

My chronic pain was the point in my life where I had enough. Your experience may not mirror mine, but perhaps you have reached your breaking point and this is where you are in your story right now. I realized I had just been going around in a circle, instead of moving forward in the journey of life. Through a ton of self-reflection, physical and mental health therapy, and online life coaching, I began to make the connection that the cause of my “stuckness” was a serious lack of self-love. Always putting others’ needs first and shoving mine down was the blocker to having all the things I wanted in life. So I started saying forget this crap and began to do what was best for ME in almost every situation. After many months, my physical therapy was healing my pelvic pain. I took time for myself every day, even if it was only for 10 minutes. Then, I actually began to embrace my needs and desires as pleasurable experiences.  In fact. I let go of trying to control relationships that were not serving me. I said no more often. The is when the magic started to happen and the balance and purpose I craved started to appear in my life. Now, I have the confidence, relationships, and career I have always dreamed of.

Why this online life coaching program was created

Alexis is a an online life coach and MSW at True You Always. She is passionate about offering online life coaching in Florida and Texas for women to develop self-love, authenticity, and to overcome chronic pain. If you're interested in the untamed and free online life coaching in Florida, Texas, or nationwide then contact her soon!My story is why I created the Untamed & Free online life coaching program! I know how many women are feeling in their lives AND I know it can get better! As an online life coach, I cannot change my clients’ lives, but I can use my own personal experience to help others. The Untamed & Free program offers women a platform to examine their own stories and make decisions as to what’s best for them to move forward. I provide an opportunity for education, self-reflection, and a safe space that holds you accountable to be your own change agent. My clients set goals for themselves with my guidance. Creating self-love is the cornerstone of Untamed & Free!

I am here to help because I have been in my clients’ shoes! But this DOES require personal effort. My program gives the opportunity to make the changes people desire in their lives and to help you get “un-stuck”. Although the change is up to you, I would like to inspire and guide you on your journey with online coaching for women!

Untamed & Free is not your average online life coaching program

By the end of our 8 weeks together, you will have the tools to understand why you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, have mom guilt, and tend to please others. You will finally realize that true self-love is the key to managing your emotions and that it is also essential in creating balance, purpose, and peace in your life.

You’ll learn that you must dust off the cobwebs and reflect on your past and how that shaped you. You will start to understand the concepts of martyring and “over-functioning” and take responsibility for your own “stuckness”. But you will also begin to create self-love and self-compassion which will be the change agents for your success.

Every week you will be given actionable steps to complete and constant support so you don’t lose momentum.

What to expect with online life coaching 

This program is 8 weeks and includes weekly 60-minute individual sessions with me. All of the sessions are virtual, so there’s no need to worry about where you live or your busy schedule. We can meet when it’s convenient for you. In between sessions, there will be homework and accountability assignments to keep you focused on your goals. I am also available in between sessions through email and texting if you need any extra motivation!

 Here are the 8 weekly sessions:

  1. Where You Are
  2. The What and They Why
  3. Who Me, The Victim?
  4. Self-Care Sunday is a Lie! (But Yes You Still Need It)
  5. Redefining Selfish and Embracing It
  6. From Like to Love and Re-Navigating Relationships
  7. The Fear of Failure
  8. Free as a Bird!

Are you ready to be Untamed & Free with online life coaching?

If you are ready for change and you think I might be the right coach for you, please contact our office or me directly for your free 30-minute consultation. On this call, we’ll get to know each other, and I will ask you some questions about your journey and learn some more about your goals.

By the end of our call, we can both decide if we feel we are a good fit for each other! If we both feel like there is a good connection and vibe, we can then work out the details of scheduling, session time, and payment.

I also highly encourage you to check out our life coaching page or my linktree to get all of the details about the program, including what each session includes and pricing specials. Please feel free to review my program details before you schedule our free consultation!

I am so looking forward to working with you!

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