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3 Ways Teens Can Benefit from Therapy

Do you remember your teenage years as a walk in the park? Not many of us can say that we do. That’s because this time in our life is marked by uncertainties, social pressure, and a surge of hormones. With this perfect storm, many teens act out, which can cause chaos and disruption in the home and with family relationships.

Let’s explore 3 reasons why teens can benefit from therapy:

Self-Worth Struggles

Most teens have a certain level of self-worth struggles while they are moving through this awkward phase. That is typical and to be expected. But there are those teens that really suffer from low self-esteem due to a variety of different factors. Therapy can help adolescents build their self-esteem and it provides a safe space for them to discuss their challenges.


Dealing with school, friendships, work, family, social media pressure, contemplating adulthood… are all major stressors in a young person’s life. And many teens find it hard to speak with their parents. Therapy offers teens a way to communicate and let go of some steam and pressure that is building up.

Grief and Loss

Nobody, particularly a teenager, should have to suffer the loss of a close friend or family member. Sadly, many teens do experience loss and the grief that accompanies it. This can be incredibly difficult for the teen and their parents to navigate. A therapist has been trained to know exactly how to guide a young person through the stages of grief.

Anxiety Disorders

It’s perfectly normal for adolescents to feel worried and anxious at times. But some teens experience such severe anxiety. This can have a negative impact on their life, school and relationships. Therapy can help teens learn to manage their symptoms.

Substance Abuse Issues

Unfortunately, many adolescents learn to cope with the intensity of life by using drugs and alcohol. A therapist trained in substance use and addiction counseling can assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

These are just some of the benefits teens can gain from working with a therapist. If you or a loved one would like to explore treatment options, please get in touch with our office.