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LGBQTIA counseling

Being you is hard. Whether it is battling the unwavering questions, “Who am I?” or the vital need for connection, you are in a constant battle with yourself. Members of the LGBTQIA community know this all too well. You fear being authentically you out of fear that those closest to you will not accept this […]

5 Reasons Why Online Coaching Will Work For You

Let’s just go ahead and talk about the pink elephant in the room. Our world dramatically changed starting in the Spring of 2020. There isn’t a discussion to be had about literally anything without mentioning COVID-19. Online life coaching is no exception. Connection Without Contact There was a time when personal contact was a part […]

Therapy for Families in Florida

Keeping your family healthy, happy, safe, and connected is not easy. No family is perfect all the time. Face it, change and hardship can wear on the relationships you have with your loved ones. You may be finding that quality time, good communication, and solid problem solving are hard to come by in your household. […]

Unsure about Substance Abuse Counseling? Here is Why it Helps?

Are you or a loved one shackled by the painful grasp of addiction? Substance abuse is undoubtedly a challenging battle to overcome. As cliche as it may sound, addiction genuinely does feel like a dark cloud constantly looming over your head. Maybe you started using drugs at a low point to cope with grief, loss, anxiety, […]


Why Online Therapy in Florida is for Everyone

Going to your therapist’s office for a visit is becoming a thing of the past. Why leave the comfort of your own couch (or bed) to get the help that you need when you can engage in online therapy in Florida? You can probably even get away with wearing pajama pants and slippers without your […]

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Navigating Anxiety and Stress in a Busy and Uncertain Time

Navigating Anxiety and Stress in a Busy and Uncertain Time Chances are, you’ve experienced stress and anxiety before. We all go through rough patches where our emotions seem to be particularly out of whack. Maybe you lost your job, recently brought a child into the world, or you got into a fight with your spouse. […]

A Glance at the Untamed & Free Online Life Coaching Program

My Journey to Online Life Coaching: I became a Certified Life Coach because I absolutely know what it feels like to suffer from anxiety, have serious mom guilt, feel overwhelmed, and be unable to set healthy boundaries. For most of my adult life, I floated from one job, career, or “role” (wife/mother/homemaker/career) to another. Each […]

How Chronic Pain and Illness Impacts our Mental Health

Those suffering from chronic pain or illness are often the unseen victims of mental health issues and may go under or undiagnosed when addressing their emotional health. There are many reasons why this occurs. Let’s first define what chronic pain is and how common it is. What is Chronic Pain and Illness Chronic pain is […]

The Healing Power of Nature

One must only read a few lines from poets such as Frost, Wordsworth, and Thoreau to recognize human beings’ love for nature and our deep need for connection with it. It only makes sense, as we are just as much a part of the Earth and the Universe as the grass, trees, water and our […]

The Power of Vulnerability

We live in a society that praises and rewards those with courage and bravery. We are taught from an early age that it’s good to face our fears, and that it is often the catalyst for powerful and lasting change. Bravery is to be encouraged, but what about vulnerability? Is this trait also encouraged? Often […]

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