Headshot Ester Buchnik

Ester Buchnik

MFT Graduate Student Intern, Certified Life Coach

Pronouns: She / Her

Helping couples and family members in overcoming intimacy issues, communication barriers, emotional barriers and trauma.

Specialties: Therapy for trauma, anxiety/depression, life transitions, motherhood, fatherhood, sexual addictions, infidelity, or self esteem. Coaching for couples struggling with sexuality related barriers.

(Individuals and Couples)

I’m about to be incredibly unfiltered and real with you – at one point or other, I suffered from self esteem, I had difficulty being in a healthy relationships with myself, and often took myself for granted. But in time I learned to create healthier boundaries, learned the art of self love, and from experiencing and hearing other people’s stories, I understand what being in healthy relationships looked like.

Do you find that you are often putting yourself last or that you rarely make time for self-care?

Do you wonder why you struggle maintaining healthy boundaries?

You may need to stop and consider the connection between lack of self-love and the ability to find balance and authenticity. Self-love and respect are always the first step to creating balance and finding your purpose.

Feeling the weight of having to keep up with all of life’s expectations, no matter the stage of life you are in, can lead to anxiety, depression, substance misuse and a general dulling of your relationship with yourself and others you are involved with, spouse, children, professional, and friendships can suffer.

When we don’t have a sense of balance and create time for things that are important, we sometimes get lost and lose the connection to the person we cherish the most, ourselves.

You do not have to give into unrealistic standards. Everyone has their own love language, their own approach to relating to one another, and their own way of dealing with life when feeling depleted. These pressures and a host of other contributing factors such as childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, and family history can lead to more dysregulation when not made conscious of. Together, I can help you unlearn poor communication patterns and behaviors that no longer serve yourself or your partner, or family unit. I will also give you practical tools to manage intimacy issues, anxiety and depression. You can come out the other side with a balanced relationship with your partner and your self!

A Little About Me

I have always been the individual to be involved in the community. From a young age I would check in with elderly neighbors, and volunteer in my community religious center with preparing foods for weekly services, and helping set up events that allowed people to network. I have always liked to be able to listen, be nonjudgmental and provide an empathic ear. I have always been a giver and it was hard to learn to balance and put myself first. So when I got older, I discovered my love language, and burn out early on in life. I understood that balance is imperative in all relationships and found tools and guidance in my own life. I have worked very hard to overcome these challenges, and created balance for myself, my family, and personal relationships with my partner and friends. Now I want to help you because I know it’s possible!

My Professional Background / How I Can Help You

My pursuing and finishing my Master’s Degree in a Clinically based Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from the National University has given me the professional opportunity to provide therapy to a diverse population of clients. In addition to being a MFT Student Intern, I am also a Certified Life Coach and have become certified in Gottman Method Therapy Level 1 certification. I enjoy learning new things that will allow me to utilize new tools to help my clients out further.

What I love about being with True You Always is that each and every one of us has dealt with some kind of obstacle in some way. I strive to be collaborative, solution focused, and empathic in all my interactions with you. I understand that everyone has their own love language, their own way of dealing with stress, and enjoying life. I provide empathy and intuitive understanding to what challenges you are facing and will help you Love yourself by helping you understand what healthy boundaries look like for you, by helping you understand and holding you accountable to communicate with individuals instead of argue and fight, and be honest with your needs. If there is a lack of sexuality, communication, stand offish behavior, and a breakdown in passion in your love relationships, I will help you by asking those tough questions that open the door for positive change, and will take you to a place of authenticity. This is where the magic can happen. You can enjoy life again and feel good! I want to empower you to do this.

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