Dorcas Pittman

Dorcas Pittman

Certified Life Coach

Pronouns: She / Her

Helping women who have been silenced by childhood trauma shift their focus from pain to purpose by breaking their silence and acknowledging their truth so that they can rediscover their voice and live a life of purpose and authority.

Specialties: life coaching, transformation and mindset coaching, childhood trauma, adult trauma, Christians living with anxiety and depression

(Women age 18+)

Hi there, I am Dorcas! I am a Christ center believer, a wife, a mom, and a certified life coach. Also, I AM ME and I AM WORTHY of LIFE! You are probably wondering why I emphasized the last statement, but I have a perfectly good reason why.

For years I allowed my trauma, my experiences, and the opinions of others to play a major role in my identity. Why? From a very young age I struggled with my self-worth and understanding exactly who I was and where I belong. I navigated through life being whomever I thought everyone wanted me to be just so that I could “feel” as if I belonged. I didn’t live with either of my parents, so I was always trying to find my place amongst my family members who loved me and gave me what they felt I needed. No matter what, I still felt like an obvious outcast and ultimately left believing I was less than, worthless, and/or damaged goods. These beliefs eventually became my reality and that is how I saw myself daily. I convinced myself that I had to do whatever it took so that others would not see what I saw because they really wouldn’t want me around. It is these same beliefs that I had pretty much my entire life that led me down a path of anxiety and depression that rendered me powerless and lacking purpose. So much so that the path almost ended in suicide.

My paths… My journey…

My path of life consisted of abandonment, identity issues, and self-worth issues that resulted from the desire of my mother wanting to obtain more out of life. There were periods of molestation and an occurrence of sexual assault as well as a pornography addiction. The path of my 18th year of life started a pattern of downward paths of lack with very few peaks of surplus. It was tiring because I was always in a state of survival, and never allowing myself to just live…yes surviving and living are two different things. My constant state of survival resulted in me suffering in silence so that there would be no sign of damage or weakness. There were happy paths of marriage, children, friends who became family, and accomplishments that were intertwined along the way. As far as my faith in God, there were times when it was ever present and there were those times when it was nowhere in sight. Despite it all I kept putting on a strong face and pushing forward. And then, it became harder to pretend to be strong and push forward and one day anxiety and depression showed up and ultimately stripped me of my desire to even want to survive; however,

I believe that paths are to journeys as veins are to vessels. Without the paths there is no journey! Each happy moment and traumatic experience were all paths along my journey here on Earth, but my journey is far from over. Instead of allowing the path that almost led to my suicide to end my story, I broke my silence and asked for help even though it meant I would have to admit that I was hurting and could no longer be strong. This one decision was the best decision I had ever made. Why? Breaking my silence unlocked the path that led to my healing, the rediscover of my power, and understanding of my purpose.

My Purpose

Some time ago I read this saying, “One day your story will be someone else’s survival guide.” I am here to allow my story to be your survival guide and to help you turn your hurt into healing, your trauma into triumph, and ultimately your pain into purpose. One of the biggest mistakes I made was suffering in silence and believing that I was in it alone. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and I will be here to support you on your journey! As your coach, I will use my 5 As to Power and Purpose…Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Activation, Action, and Authority. To move from a place of pain to a place of purpose you must ACKNOWLEDGE your pain the cause(s) of your pain then ACCEPT how it changed your life so that you can ACTIVATE the healing process which will give you the strength and knowledge needed to ACT and operate in your God given AUTHORITY and purpose.

Although I am a faith-based coach, I also equip each client with practical tools that will not only be relevant on their current path but throughout their lifelong journey. I will empower you to embrace your story, your truth, and allow it to be a someone else’s survival guide. This process will not be easy, and will require work, but the reward is invaluable.

~ Dorcas

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