Cynthia Koppler

Cynthia Koppler


Pronouns: She / Her

Helping couples grow their love by increasing trust and commitment through lifelong friendship.

Specialties: Couples Counseling

(Ages 18+)

71 years of living has led me to believe within each of us is the peace and happiness we all yearn for. The challenge is learning how to connect with it. We are fluid and constantly evolving beings capable of achieving incredibly rewarding experiences on our life journey. Sometimes the journey gets hard and confusing. As a therapist it is an honor and privilege when clients invite me to walk with them on part of their life journey.

About Me

My journey includes being married-more than once. I have been married to my children’s father for many years. The last 23 have been amazing. Before that we had many ups and downs. We even were separated for an extended period. What has held us together through it all is friendship. Learning to be a better mother to my adult daughters than I was when they were small has been an ever-growing experience that has also made me a better grandmother. The experience of the positive rewards of friendship informs how I look at the world and the people I meet. It is key to the connections I make as a therapist.

Professional Background

I have been a registered nurse since 1977, an MSW since 2003, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2007.
I have extensive experience in grief work, having directed a Dougy Center model grief center for 12 years. When that chapter came to a close, I expanded into private practice helping clients spanning the spectrum from simple adjustment disorders to schizophrenia and DID. I have worked with trauma utilizing both CBT and EMDR approaches. I rely heavily on mindfulness and some DBT techniques for clients battling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Some of my best experiences have been with couples.

Current Practice

At this point in my career, I want to focus my energy on couples work exclusively. My approach is Gottman informed with strong emphasis on John Gottman’s book: “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.” This focus is friendship being the key to a good marriage, utilizing strong communication skills to help build a stronger friendship. This core value then informs the key components of happy and satisfying marriage including, love, trust, commitment, and passion.


If you are a couple who wants to improve and solidify your relationship let’s talk. We can arrange a 30 minute consult at no charge to decide if working together would be a good fit for you as a couple.

~ Cynthia

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